18 Plans That Went To Pieces While Everyone Watched

When it comes to the history of, well, everything, there's a lot to keep track of. Fortunately, we've discovered that every moment, from catalyst to catastrophe, can be charted in three steps.

And here they are! You're welcome for making you smarter.

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

L>uSamnbe ICRACKEDcO COM Kabral 1.Decide to kick the Soviets out of Afghanistan 2.Back up some plucky Anti-Soviet rebels 3.Well, sh*t.

Entry by KatDamage

. Get upstaged while receiving an award shake gonma it off Say you're 2. shake shake shake 3. Never actually any thing shake off ever CRACKEDCO

Entry by Rhodoferax

1: Oust the monarchy 2: Seize the means of production 3: Never get around to handing power over to the proletariat

Entry by Busteq

1-Ask for a referendum you're sure you won't win. TAIN 2-Get some momentumon the polls. This will surely put your party on the map. 3-Ruin global stab


18 Plans That Went To Pieces While Everyone Watched

Entry by HCCallow

Decide to get rid of sugarcane beetles with a natural predator. Introduce cane toads. They breed like crazy & not even deadly snakes can kill them. #A

Entry by Busteq

1. Realize that God was once the source of all morality. 2. Write about how the new man will have to create his own set of morals. HITLER YOUTH Jora


1 I'm going to practise and improve my drawing! I'll take 2 lllustration A at University! Maybe 3 O can sell my blood for money?! CRACKEDCOMT

Entry by gicusudoru

1. Test an atomic reactor for failure of automated safety systems 2. Disable automated systems and switch to manuall control in order to simulate dama


CRACKED CON 1. Create a beloved' TV family. SiMeSons the SIMOSals SIMPSons SIMPSoNS SIMPSoNS we 1B SImRGedis tHe the the the SIMeSos tHE SIMPSoNS the


Build up an illustrious hip hop mythology. Hype new album as a singular piece of art. LUNCH Nasdaq Welcome to the world of art lovers. CRACKED COM


1. Start with a grounded version of a classic foe. 2 Continue by reinventing the best-known rogue. 3. Close by giving a well-known nemesis an absurd a


CRAGKEDCON Elevate yourself to the level where you can take any role you want. Take the role 2. of one of the most iconic villains ever, Get turned in

Entry by Kevin King

1. my PONY LiTTLE Remake a retro kids' show for the FRiENDSHIP children of today. MAGIC 2. Adults like it too... that's cool. 34 Rule 3. WHAT HAVE I D

Entry by HCCallow

Decide to improve your chances of a good income. Attend university. Be in debt for the rest of your life. CRACKED CONT

Entry by Kalli

18 Plans That Went To Pieces While Everyone Watched

Entry by PollyDarton

1! Invent the computer Advancing mankind's understanding <R of science and math. 2 Ccreate the internet Progressing humanity with the rapid and free e


CRACKEDCON 1. Befriend awesome hunting partner. 2 Breed other useful traits. 3. Keepgoinglong afterall useful traits sareexhausted.