The 25 Worst Possible Text Messages To Wake Up To

In today's age, we pretty much live and die by our phones. They're the last thing we look at before we go to bed at night, and they're the first thing we look at when we get up in the morning.

But what happens when the first thing you read in the morning is the last text message you'd ever want to get? We asked our readers to conjure up the worst text messages possible to wake up to. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...


AT&T 3G 8:46 AM Messages Kristen <33 Edit So it turns out I don't have any morning after pills Nor can I afford them Send

Entry by Joe Corwin

ml ATT 3G 8:12 AM Messages John Edit Sorry you had to leave the Bill Murray party So early. Work's a drag, huh? Holy shit he's HERE! Bill Murray crash

Entry by Sonny Time

AT&T 3G 7:01 AM Messages Unknown Edit Peekaboo. I see you. Send CRAGKEDCOM

Entry by BEMaven

ml_. S& 3G 9:09 AM Messages Jigsaw Edit I am So sorry. Fell asleep watching Dexter reruns and completely forgot about you. So... Did my spring-lo

Entry by MaxKaran

mal.. AT&T 3G 9:41 AM 13% Messages Joe Edit Don't go to bed and turn on the news! NOW! They found a parasite in the towns water supply It eats your br

Entry by ClockMaster

AT&T 3G 26 AM Messages H4CK3R Edit Congratulations! You appear to have accidentally downloaded the iRansomurPhone app. Keep an eye on your text messag

Entry by Mourning_Star

00o AT&T 4G 9:22 AM 21.% Messages Jonny B Contact Yesterday 11-F5 PM Bro, where you at... ? Today 9 16m Hey, I found this phone next to what I assume

Entry by IanRr

aal.. DD-Mobile 3G 3:45 AM 44% Messages Fred from work Edit II116 LU IlaRE L IC UUlIUS Tue 4:00 AM Time to make the donuts Wed 4:00 AM Time to make th

Entry by qiddis

AT&T 3G 7:13 AM Messages Tim Edit Bro, we both had a lot of drinks last night. Let just pretend what we did n said 2 each other didnt happen.... n the

Entry by MaxKaran

mull TELUS 3G 8:55 AM Messages UNKNOWN Edit If you ever want to see your family again, bring $10,000 dollars in unmarked bills to the bus depot. If yo

Entry by Creatris

AT&T 3G 6:30 AM Messages My Bae Edit Had the best time making out with you the other night! Nobody kisses like you do. <3 So... about that flu I thoug

Entry by thatdamnninja

..000 AT&T 8:30 AM 85% Messages Me! Contact iMessage Today 1:46 AM You should really lock your doors at night... Delivered You should really lock your


sll. Orange 7:00 AM 89% Messages John L. Edit Yo, Pete, are you ready to go? Where are you, Pete? We have our big audition with Mr. Martin at EMI this

Entry by clair_brodie

Verizon 3G 6:17 AM IL- Messages Unknown Edit I found your number on a dollar in my G-string. Were you the married guy or the guy with the weird boner?

Entry by Manx MacReady

AT&T 3G 10:14 AM Messages Joe Edit u awake bro? i can't believe we drank that much vodka i just found this on my phone!! what the hell did we do yeste

Entry by datgnat

AT&T 3G 6:05 AM 93 % Messages Rita Contact Todlay 6:00 AM Hey, don't forget the Punxsutawney Phil ceremony today. Tocay 6:OO AM Hey, don't forget the

Entry by Mediorite

CRACKED COM 903 AM Contact ATST Reminders 800 Auto <Messages Reminder: Automated 9am Demolition

Entry by CriticUltima

Chris 3G 8:49 AM mmI. Messages Agent #97/B Edit The experiment is over. Your family and friends are currently on a plane ride out of the country. Your

CRACKEDCON Attention human: Your reproductive member has been temporarily appropriated for study. Send (160/160)1 3 messages sent

Entry by datgnat

The 25 Worst Possible Text Messages To Wake Up To

Entry by Paka

The 25 Worst Possible Text Messages To Wake Up To

Entry by kgraham

#.. crked 3G 7:45 AM Messages Bar Girl Edit I had SO much fun last night but i had to go My homeroom teacher is such a dick about attendance anywayzz

Entry by catfantastic

sl.. WIND 3G 4:49 AM Messages Sweetie Edit Oh hey, I saW you were done with your recipe book, So went ahead and cleared out all those dessert recipes

Entry by Sonny Time

CRACKED cO ...00 ATAT 8:55 AM 50% Messages Unknown Contact Today a 22 A You should dial 911. Thanks for the kidney.

Entry by Tim Babb

The 25 Worst Possible Text Messages To Wake Up To