There’s weird stuff happening all the time, everywhere. Can you imagine hearing weird noises in your basement and when you finally muster the courage to go check it out, you find a moose down there? Well, that's exactly what happened to some people in Colorado. Perhaps even more earth-shattering, Pittsburgh fans ran out of their all-time favorite condiment at their hometown stadium. Then you have the Canadian guy who called the cops… on the cops. Can’t forget about the violent Nerf war that erupted in Boston, or the finger guns that got a guy arrested in Florida. Over in Russia, they’re finding any excuse to arrest people, even sh*tty sculpture. Speaking of sculpture, someone in the UK made a disturbing 3D mural in tribute to Boris Johnson. There’s also a new French law that requires certain companies to remind potential customers that walking… exists, and a new policy at CPAC banning certain fictional children’s characters from their events. Read on for more inscrutable news:

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