Movie facts are like a currency around here - they're worth their weight in Cracked gold. And with this set, you've just waltzed into the mother lode, so start filling your sack and readying for a big night on the town. 

Where will you go with your newfound fortune? We recommend having a few drinks at the saloon, maybe play a few hands of pharo and then saunter on out to the real night's fun: a party. 

Make it a good party, though - with plenty of good music and food and hopefully good people. No TB-ridden Doc Holliday types. More Calamity Jane, she's a blast at a party, especially when she puts the guns down and makes balloon animals. She can make a dentist. It's so weird.

Anyway, you know what everybody loves at a party? A know-it-all about movies. This is who we are now, and you are cursed along with us.

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