46 Next-Level Movie Facts To Know

46 Next-Level Movie Facts To Know

With the holidays here, that means you're likely in for a lot of boring small talk. Oh, sure, your doctor cousin had a baby you[re not allowed to say looks like a frog. Oh, sister just finished her law degree. BORING! Fortunately, you have us -- and we'd never let you walk into battle without a weapon.

And by "Battle," we mean "holiday gathering." And by "weapon," we mean "useless movie facts that will make you look smart as shit." That's right, move over fancy degrees with letters after them and happy family in matching sweaters, you've got Cracked, M.D. on your side. You can even tell them one of your preeminent studies is a doctor, and you technically wouldn't be lying, thanks to our very own Dr. Jordan Breeding. Anyway, on to the facts that dwarf the knowledge of whatever a gallbladder is.

No need to thank us, just looking out for you. Happy Holidays!

46 Next-Level Movie Facts To Know

Walt Disney eww! didn't like the iconic scene of the romantic dinner in The Lady and the Tramp (1955) He thought that two dogs eating pasta would be a

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