16 TV Shows That Couldn't Be Cancelled Fast Enough

TV stations need to come up with a whole new batch of shows every year, and it's only natural that not all of them will last long. Most shows that get written and filmed at least get a season or two to work out the kinks, but some don't deserve that chance: The worst shows get cancelled as fast as possible, before they're even done with making all the episodes that were ordered. We have some of the worst offenders below, handily indexed with how long they lasted…


The inaccurately named 3 ON THE AIR EPISODES CRACKED After Twin Peaks, David Lynch made this show about a TV station in the 1950s - not much chance of it coming back in style.

Source: The AV Club


Nobody comes to 10 AMANDA'S EPISODES CRACKED This American remake of Fawlty Towers starring Bea Arthur reminds us that not all US versions can be The Office.

Source: Television Academy


PAYNE 8 -ful to sit through EPISODES CRACKED They tried to remake Fawity Towers again 15 years later, trading in tall Johns from Cleese to Larroquette.

Source: TV.com


NEARLY 4 DEPARTED EPISODES got all the way gone CRACKED This 1989 sitcom starring Eric ldle as a friendly ghost who haunts a family just didn't have the (Beetle)juice.

Source: TV.com


Memento mori, 2 IVA LAUGHLIN EPISODES CRACKED A musical show starring Hugh Jackman sounds like a surefire hit, but once the music stopped, people tuned out.

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SUPERTRAIN 9 jumped the tracks EPISODES CRACKED The most expensive show ever made at the time was about.... a luxury train? The model train crashed, and SO did the series.

Source: Retroist


PAULY 5 was washed up EPISODES CRAGKED i Not every comedian can be the lead of their oWn TV show, and Pauly Shore found that out the hard way.

Source: Entertainment.ie


Not SO mad about THE PAUL 2 REISER SHOW EPISODES CRACKED The TV veteran wanted a less mean version of Curb Your Enthusiasm-taking that out meant there wasn't much left.

Source: THR


BEYOND WESTWORLD 3 EPISODES had no future CRACKED Before HBO, there was a CBS show about Westworld's head of security hunting evil robots. It wasn't exactly Blade Runner.

Source: IGN


THE SECRET DIARY OF DESMOND PFEIFFER 4 stayed mostly unread EPISODES CRACKED A freed black slave is the serious butler to a wacky version of President Abe Lincoln. need we say more?

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No light for 2 LONE STAR EPISODES CRAGKED Watchmen and Zoo's James Wolk played a con man with two different families - the viewers didn't want either.

Source: Deadline


DO NO HARM 2 didn't do much EPISODES CRACKED This was a modern-day version of Jekyll and Hyde-a an idea that, for perspective, was literally a joke on Entourage later.

Source: THR


They couldn't 2 WORK IT EPISODES CRAGKED abc Somehow, the best show about the recession ABC could think of was two men have to dress in drag to get jobs...really.

Source: EW


MANIMAL 8 was neither here nor there EPISODES CRACKED '80s TV budgets and writer's rooms couldn't deliver on the premise of a man turns into animals to fight crime.

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WOOPS! 10 All bad! EPISODES CRACKED A sitcom about the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse needs a careful tone balance that 90s TV couldn't handle.

Source: Vulture


BOB PATTERSON 5 was anonymous EPISODES RESENT D PO CRACKED obc Jason Alexander was a motivational speaker, in a Seinfeld follow-up that didn't even reach Bee Movie levels.

Source: LA Times