16 Bonehead Off-Field Injuries Sustained By Pro Athletes

When you're a pro athlete, your body is your moneymaker, and you need to protect it at all costs. That means NO cowboy boots, NO Q-tips, and absolutely NO high fives!


Joe Sakic Centre, Colorado Avalanche CRACKED COM Sakic missed three months of the 2008 season after he broke three fingers in some nebulous accident involving a snowblower.

Source: NHL


Adam Eaton Pitcher, San Diego Padres zioes 24 CRACKED COM When trying to open a double-DVD set of Backdraft and Happy Gilmore, Eaton accidentally stabbed himself in the stomach.

Source: Washington Post


Ken Griffey Jr. THE KID CRACKED.COM Junior once missed a game because one of his testicles got pinched by his jock strap.

Source: ESPN


Kevin Mitchell Left fielder, New York Mets Mets Mitchell's signature gold tooth is the result of a freak pastry accident. He chomped into a frozen doughnut before it was fully defrosted, and chipped his tooth.

Source: Sports Illustrated


Steve Sparks Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers CRACKED Sparks was actually on the Brewers' farm team at the time, and was expected to make the jump to the big league that season. But just before the season started, inspired by a motivational speaker, he tried to rip a phone book in half

Source: MLB


Charles Barkley The Round Mound of Rebound CRACKED COM The night before the 1994-95 season opener, Barkley was letting loose at an Eric Clapton concert where he rubbed body lotion into his corneas and had to wear eye patches for 12 hours.

Source: NYTimes


Colin Smart Prop, England national rugby union team While celebrating a victory over France, a teammate pretended to chug a small bottle of complementary hotel aftershave. Smart was then duped into downing his own bottle, and ultimately had to have his stomach pumped at the hospital.

Source: ESPN


Glenallen Hill Outfielder, Toronto Blue Jays Hill was napping on his couch one day in 1990, when he fell victim to that scourge of pro ballers: he had a nightmare about spiders. He freaked out, and in his frenzy, absoutely wrecked a glass coffee table.

Source: MLB


Wade Boggs Third baseman, Boston Red Sox At the peak of his career, Boggs fell over while trying to pry off his cowboy boots with his feet, and badly bruised his ribs on the arm of a couch.

Source: ESPN


Chase Blackburn Linebacker, New York Giants CRACKED In 2007, a reporter bumped into Blackburn in the locker room - while he -- was swabbing his ears. He had to go to the hospital and very nearly punctured his eardrum.

Source: ESPN


Plaxico Burress Wide receiver, New York Giants CRACKEDCOMI In 2008, Burress brought a gun to a nightclub, tucked securely in his wasteband. Then the unthinkable happened the gun misfired, he shot himself in the leg, and spent three years in jail.

Source: ESPN


Jeff Baker Infielder, Texas Rangers TE CRACKED Baker sprained his thumb in a tragic high-fiving accident before a game. The identity of the high-five recipient remains a mystery to this day.

Source: Sports Illustrated


Clint Barmes Shortstop, Colorado Rockies Barmes broke his collarbone lugging a bunch of deer meat after hunting with teammate Todd Helton. He initially claimed he broke it while carrying groceries, which, technically? Not a lie!

Source: USA Today


Rickey Henderson Left field, Toronto Blue Jays Henderson once fell asleep with an ice pack on his ankle, woke up with frostbite, and had to miss 3 games.

Source: Toledo Blade


Nate Burleson Wideout, Detroit Lions NNED CRACKED COM Burleson was struggling to protect some takeout pizza in his passenger seat when he got in a car accident and broke his arm. DiGiorno later gave him a year's worth of free pizza vouchers, SO he wouldn't have to mess with takeout while

Source: SBNation


Joel Zumaya Pitcher, Detroit Tigers COC STIS )N PAY OCUS WWW CRACKED COM Zumaya missed the 2006 American League Championship because he strained his wrist playing Guitar Hero. He did, however, get his name in the Guitar Hero 1 credits.

Source: Engadget