15 Iconic Characters That Almost Looked Radically Different

While it’s pretty much a given that characters will go through various transformations during the movie's production, it can still be surprising to see just how wildly different their early designs were.

Let’s take a look at some jarring early versions of iconic characters:


THE GREEN GOBLIN WAS GOING TO LOOK LIKE AN ACTUAL GOBLIN. Spider-Man An actually functioning animatronic goblin mask was built for the film. However, it proved to be too challenging to apply and wear on a regular basis, SO it was dropped in favor of the rejected Power Rangers villain

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REY WAS GOING TO USE A DOUBLE-BLADED LIGHTSABER. The Rise of Skywalker Before J.J. Abrams was brought in to finish the sequel trilogy, Colin Trevorrow was slated to direct. Concept art for his version of the film shows a darker, more badass version of Rey. She even sports a ouble-bladed



RALPH COULD'VE BEEN A ONE-HORNED MONSTER. Wreck-It Ralph ON a Time H aw Ralph drastically changed appearances several times during early production. Everyone's favorite bad' guy started off as a horned monster, then became a caveman, before finally morphing into his iconic look. CRACKED.COM



THOR ALMOST ROCKED A JACK KIRBY-INSPIRED LOOK. Thor: Ragnarok Before going with the more traditional gladiator look, Taika Waititi commissioned a Thor design that drew heavily from Kirby's art. Even though it wasn't used in the film, we can't but notice that the suit kinda resembles the Quantum suits used



THE MUMMY LOOKED LIKE YOUNG APOCALYPSE. The Mummy The reboot was initially supposed to feature a male mummy, however, director Alex Kurtzman decided to go in a completely new direction after seeing the post-credits scene of X-Men: Days of Future Past. He says their concept art for the mummy had



GHOSTFACE ALMOST LOOKED LIKE A CHEAP KNOCKOFF. Scream Wes Craven was originally forced to come up with a new design for the mask because Dimension refused to buy the rights to the iconic Ghostface mask - which was owned by Fun World. After being unsatisfied with the new designs, Dimension finally

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THE MINIONS STARTED OFF AS TINY HUMANS. Despicable Me The original concept presented them as short human factory workers who assisted a much taller Gru. As the project went on, they first morphed into robots, before finally becoming the weird creature we know today. For the final design, the filmmakers

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LUKE SKYWALKER SPORTED A MAN BUN AT ONE POINT. The Last Jedi Luke's original design was supposed to invoke Col. Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. We're not sure why the famously bald character prompted the designers to give Luke a man bun, but thankfully the idea got nixed. May the Force

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COLOSSUS ALMOST LOOKED LIKE A SITH. Deadpool Early on in production, one idea for Colossus was for him to be a cloaked figure who likes to hide in the shadows. This was eventually dropped in favor of the much more comic-accurate design that we ended up seeing in the film.



War Machine originally carried a giant floating cube.
Because Rhodey has a much bigger and less-advanced armor than Iron Man, Endgame artists envisioned him carrying his suit in a big floating die



THE NUN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ANIMATRONIC DEMON. The Conjuring 2 James Wan originally based the Nun on a Dracula design he developed for a scrapped Castlevania project. A fully animatronic monster was built and even used on set, however, Wan had a sudden change of heart and decided

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BOBA FETT DREW INSPIRATION FROM CLINT EASTWOOD. The Empire Strikes Back Fett was originally going to sport a poncho - emulating the Man with No Name from For a Few Dollars More. The idea was dropped because the poncho proved to be impractical. His suit was also all white initially but



MAUL ORIGINALLY LOOKED LIKE A HORROR MOVIE VILLAIN. The Phantom Menace The script described Darth Maul as a vision from your worst nightmare,. and artist lain McCaig drew exactly that for his inital design. However, George Lucas thought It was a bit too nightmarish and told Caig to use his



WE NEARLY GOT TO SEE THE MONSTERS FROM BIRD BOX. Bird Box Monster prosthetics were actually created for the film and were even brought in for filming. However, their resemblance to giant babies made everyone on set burst out laughing and the idea was thankfully abandoned. CRACKED.COM

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THE XENOMORPH WAS ORIGINALLY A SILLY-LOOKING CRAB MONSTER. Alien OXYGEN Designer Dan O'Bannon drew the original design, however, it was scrapped after H.R. Giger got involved with the film and developed the now legendary design. Also, at one point Robert Aldrich was slated to direct the film, and his idea

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