Characters are the bread and butter of any good story. They are the people (or animals, or beings of any kind) that the audience follows through their journey, cheering them on as they triumph or comforting them as they suffer. A truly great character will stay with readers long after the story is over, becoming an iconic figure in their imaginations. Iconic characters are often larger than life, embodying both the best and worst of humanity. They may be brave and righteous, or they may be selfish and cruel. But whatever their faults, they capture our attention and our hearts. We can't help but root for them, even as we know that their stories will ultimately end in tragedy. Iconic characters are the embodiment of the human experience, and it is through them that we learn the most about ourselves.

Characters often go through many changes during the development process for a film, television show, or comic book. Sometimes these changes are for the better, and sometimes they’re not. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some iconic characters who almost looked radically different from how we know them today.

RALPH COULD'VE BEEN A ONE-HORNED MONSTER. Wreck-It Ralph ON a Time H aw Ralph drastically changed appearances several times during early production. Everyone's favorite bad' guy started off as a horned monster, then became a caveman, before finally morphing into his iconic look. CRACKED.COM


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