15 Movie Roles Actors Took For Odd Reasons

Actors are supposed to be money-obsessed and vain … right? Well, at least in some cases, the first thing doesn’t apply. Like in ...


Sly Stallone made Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot SO Arnold wouldn't get the role. He'd heard that Schwarzenegger (who was his big rival in the early '90s) wanted to star in it, so he signed up for the role instead-- but it turned out Arnold had just played a

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Dave Chappelle acted in A Star Is Born SO Bradley Cooper would quit bugging him. Cooper showed up at a big party held by Chappelle to sell him on the role, then kept calling every few days. Finally, Chappelle said yes just to get him off his back.

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Liam Neeson agreed to come back for Taken 3 only if nobody actually got taken in the movie.

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Bill Burr did The Mandalorian precisely because he'd always bashed Star Wars. When Jon Favreau offered him the role, Burr said no, because he'd been making fun of Star Wars for years. But Favreau said that's exactly why it would be funny and why his fans might be into it,

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Vin Diesel cameo'd in Tokyo Drift just to get the rights to Riddick back. Universal didn't want to make more Riddick movies after Chronicles of Riddick because they weren't profitable enough, but they didn't just want to hand over the rights either. So, when they needed a cameo from Diesel,

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Brad Pitt did his Deadpool 2 cameo for a cup of coffee handed by Ryan Reynolds. He got paid the minimum daily rate (about $1,000), and he asked for a specific coffee from Starbucks, delivered to him by Ryan Reynolds personally. He got it.

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Chris Evans became Captain America because he went to therapy. A He'd said no to Marvel, then he went to therapy for anxiety, and he realized, Maybe the thing you're most scared of is exactly the thing you should do. So he changed his mind and took the role. CRACKED.COM

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Richard Harris took the role of Dumbledore SO he could keep talking to his granddaughter. They offered him the job three times, and he kept saying no. Eventually, his 11-year-old granddaughter heard of it and told him she wouldn't speak to him again unless he played Dumbledore, so he agreed.

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Will Smith starred in Fresh Prince because the IRS left him broke. OOKE OO He spent all the money from his Smash hit first album without paying a dime to the IRS, and his next album was a total flopo so after he paid off his taxes, he had nothing.

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Bill Murray was in Garfield because he thought it was written by someone else. The script was written by Joel Cohen, and Murray mistook that name for Joel Coen, one of the Coen brothers. He only realized his mistake when he got into the recording booth and started actually reading

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Zach Galifianakis played a Disney character because he got high. He was high when they asked him to audition for G-Force, and that's why he said yes, he says.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took his role in Airplane! just SO he could buy a new rug. The filmmakers offered him $30,000, but his agent asked for $35,000, because that was how much an oriental rug he wanted cost. They agreed, thinking that was just a creative negotiating line- but a few

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Hugh Jackman made a brief, sweary cameo in X-Men: First Class just to help out his kids' school. He shows up in one shoot, saying F*** off to Magneto and Professor X when they try to recruit himc- instead, Fox made a charitable donation to his children's school. CRACKED.COM

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Bruce Willis' role on Friends was the result of a lost bet. Matthew Perry bet him that their film The Whole Nine Yards would open at No. 1, and if it did, Willis would guest-star on Friends for free. It did, and Willis did three episodes of Friends.

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Gene Wilder agreed to play Willy Wonka only if his character could be introduced in a certain way. He shows up with a cane, making everyone think he can barely walk, but soon makes a somersault, revealing he's totally fine. He wanted that to be his first scene so that

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