15 Movie Roles Actors Took For Strange Reasons

15 Movie Roles Actors Took For Strange Reasons

There are several concrete, reasonable reasons why an actor takes on a role in a movie or on a television show. Some of the reasons are obvious. The money is good. It's a fun role. It shoots close to their home. It shoots in a great location away from the their home. It shoots in their home. But there are some reasons that aren't the typical quest for money, power, and fun.

Sometimes an actor takes on a role in order to spite a different actor. Or they were bothered so much that they took the role just to get a filmmaker to stop bugging them about it. Or because their therapist told them to stop being afraid and take up the shield of Captain America.

Big money, lasting fame, and immense power are great motivators for actors to take a role, but these following roles we're filled for entirely different reasons:

Will Smith starred in Fresh Prince because the IRS left him broke. OOKE OO He spent all the money from his Smash hit first album without paying a dime to the IRS, and his next album was a total flopo so after he paid off his taxes, he had nothing.

Source: People

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took his role in Airplane! just SO he could buy a new rug. The filmmakers offered him $30,000, but his agent asked for $35,000, because that was how much an oriental rug he wanted cost. They agreed, thinking that was just a creative negotiating line- but a few

Source: AVClub

Gene Wilder agreed to play Willy Wonka only if his character could be introduced in a certain way. He shows up with a cane, making everyone think he can barely walk, but soon makes a somersault, revealing he's totally fine. He wanted that to be his first scene so that

Source: Yahoo

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