16 Scientific Studies That Highlight The Different Experiences Of Men And Women

Gender may be a construct, but scientists have spent many years researching the differences between the lived experiences of men and women. Here are some of their findings… 


TEMPERATURE CRACKED COM Women have colder hands and feet than men by a couple degrees but higher core temperatures. Women have less blood than men, and this blood more quickly shifts inwards toward vital organs.

Source: The Lancet


CENTER OF GRAVITY A man's center of gravity is near his waist, while a woman's is near her hips. One illustration of this: lean forward against a wall, lift a chair to your chest, then try to stand upright. Women can do this easily, while men cannot.

Source: CBS


PAIN CRACKED COM Men and women are socially conditioned to react to pain differently, but it also appears that the sexes have two separate biological pathways for transmitting pain. As a result, men feel less pain than women.

Source: Nature


RELIGION Women worldwide are more religious than men. More women belong to a religion, more say religion is important to them, and more pray daily. This is true across different countries with vastly different cultures.

Source: Washington Post


COLOR Women's eyes are better than men's at distinguishing between subtle shades of color. That doesn't even get into a special condition that lets some people perceive additional colors, a condition only women can have.

Source: Smithsonian


CANCER IME MLIPOSE CHEMOTHERAPY DISPOSE OF PROPERLY CRACKED COM Men get more cancer than women. That's even factoring individual types that mostly or exclusively hit women. The difference is deeper than organs or hormones-e individual female cells fight cancer better than male ones.

Source: Frontiers in Genetics


CHARITY 5 ulbr Women give more to charity than men, having been socialized into self-sacrifice from an early age. The stats on this concern older men and women (who are more equipped to give): Women give almost twice as much as men.

Source: Wall Street Journal


INFLUENZA Men have a worse time with the flu than women. Higher testosterone, in this case, seems to weaken the immune system, which puts men at a disadvantage.

Source: British Medical Journal


ALCOHOL TOLERANCE Young men hold their liquor better than young women, while old women hold theirs better than old men. The difference comes down to how well their bodies respond to the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase.

Source: BBC


ALCOHOL AND SEX Alcohol saps testosterone in men but increases it in women, leading to a (temporary) decrease in male libido but an increase in female libido. Though, it impairs judgment all around, sO it increases the likelihood of sex for everyone.

Source: Developments in Alcoholism


SERIAL KILLERS CRACKED COM Female serial killers favor poison. They target people they know and kill for resources. Male serial killers more hunt down victims they don't know, and they kill for sex. Female serial killers on average evade arrest twice as long as male ones.

Source: Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences


SLEEP JAWBON 775 7.5 49 Women 7hours 11 minutes of sleep Men 6hous 52 minutes of sleep 725 Difference Women get 19 minutes more sleep (HRS) 7 6.75 SLEEP 6.5 6.25 AVG. 6 5.75 For reasons yet unknown, women tend to sleep more than men. This pattern occurs regardless of

Source: American Sociological Review


NIGHTMARES Women have more nightmares than men. Psychologists suggest such reasons as neuroticism and women sleeping less deeply than men. It's also possible that women just recall dreams in more detail than men do.

Source: American Journal of Psychology


HEART ATTACKS Heart attack symptoms vary a lot by sex. Both men and women may feel chest pain. But women are more likely not to, instead feeling indigestion, back discomfort, dizziness, and nausea.

Source: Mayo Clinic


HEARING LOSS Men are more likely to suffer hearing loss than women. It's possible than men have naturally better hearing, but they're more likely to damage their ears because more men work in jobs with dangerous noise levels.

Source: American Academy of Otolaryngology


PURCHASING DECISIONS The Harvard Business Review, after analyzing each sex's role in the world consumer economy that measures over $100 trillion, concluded in 2009 that women be shopping.

Source: Harvard Business Review