Gender may be a construct, but scientists have spent many years researching the differences between the lived experiences of men and women. Here are some of their findings… 

CENTER OF GRAVITY A man's center of gravity is near his waist, while a woman's is near her hips. One illustration of this: lean forward against a wall, lift a chair to your chest, then try to stand upright. Women can do this easily, while men cannot.

Source: CBS

PAIN CRACKED COM Men and women are socially conditioned to react to pain differently, but it also appears that the sexes have two separate biological pathways for transmitting pain. As a result, men feel less pain than women.

Source: Nature

ALCOHOL TOLERANCE Young men hold their liquor better than young women, while old women hold theirs better than old men. The difference comes down to how well their bodies respond to the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase.

Source: BBC

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