12 Bizarre Yet True Recent Headlines You Might Have Missed

Mother Nature is such a Muppets fan that she’s crafted a perfect tribute to Cookie Monster. See for yourself (and check out another 11 bizarre recent stories):


A Brazilian geologist found a rock that looks like Cookie Monster. The gemstone ended up in the hands of California mineral collector Mike Bowers, who even got contacted by Cookie Monster's actor. He kept the stone, but says he might eventually sell it to a museum or another collector.

Source: ABC, LiveScience


In Vienna, they caught a guy trying to smuggle chameleons in socks and ice cream boxes. NE, Arimo Vanilkova PPyAOU 0 One of the boxes he used The 56-year-old was caught at customs at the airport with a total of 74 chameleons from Tanzania (which would fetch around $45k on

Source: AP News


Microsoft patented a chatbot with the ability to mimic your dead loved ones. Microsoft According to the patent, the bot could use personal information like images, voice data, social media posts, electronic messages, to mimic anyone, living or dead. Plus, the bot could generate 2D or 3D models of the

Source: The Independent


A Florida man stole a tow truck to get back at a company for towing his car. After Car Store Towing took Aimee Onggo's car, he took one of their tow trucks as revengec he didn't get far, though, since cops found him the same evening.

Source: 4 News


In the UK, police turned up to bust a rave but found seniors queuing up for vaccination. Somebody called the cops in Southend, Essex, about a rave happening in the street, but the rave was just old folks with wheelchairs and walking sticks waiting for the COVID vaccine.

Source: MixMag


A huge Batman fan is now third in line to the presidency. President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Leahy is so into Batman, he wrote the foreword to Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman, cameo'd in five Batman movies, and voiced a character in BatMAN: The Animated Series.

Source: CNN


Ghislaine Maxwell complained that the jury that indicted her wasn't diverse enough. Her lawyers said there weren't enough Black and Hispanic jurors for the jury to be a fair cross-section of Manhattan, where she was tried, so the case should be dismissed. The fact that Ms Maxwell herself is neither

Source: The Guardian


A drug-dealing screwup left 21 bricks of cocaine in random banana crates in Canadian grocery stores. Canadian authorities explained that somebody must have missed a pickup, leaving all that cocaine in banana shipments.

Source: The Independent


A Chinese railway depot went viral with its liveblogging of a 20-hour effort to update Flash. A bunch of the depot's machines stopped working when Adobe killed off Flash with its last update, so the IT team spent 20 hours restoring them to their backup state. They made minute-by-minute posts

Source: TechNode


France passed a law protecting the sounds and smells of the countryside. Sounds like a rooster crowing and smells like that of a crowded barn are now part of the 'sensory heritage of France, and enjoy legal protection. Living in the countryside implies accepting some nuisances, said government minister Joel

Source: The Guardian


A fake milk scandal rocked Brazil. When a news outlet reported that President Bolsonaro's administration spent $2.9 million on milk in 2020, everyone started bashing him. A socialist congresswoman asked Did the presidential family consume all this?, and a conservative columnist said the scandal would be comic, if it wasn't

Source: The Guardian


Biden became the first president in decades without a button for summoning an aide. It had been there since the GWB administration, and used for whatever POTUS wanted: Trump used it to call for Diet Coke, while Obama used it to call for tea. Hours after Biden's inauguration, it was

Source: The Week, Cracked