12 Bizarre Yet True News Headlines You Might Have Missed

Maybe we’ve found Nature’s hidden Muppets fan art.
12 Bizarre Yet True News Headlines You Might Have Missed

Because the news is so readily available, we have got accustomed to continue consuming it. Convinced, everything is critical, and so we're being really honest whenever we say we're less sure having a news reporting cycle that freaks us out is a great idea. Everything can't always be dramatic, in our opinion. Fortunately, there are some websites we can trust to put a humorous twist on the news.

Big World Cup matchups (and even greater wins) have dominated headlines throughout the globe, as has net neutrality. We looked through news items from this year to find the most outrageous headlines. Delight your eyes on all 12 of these strange beauties, which include people caught on a giant inflatable unicorn, a guy who just couldn't quit and the weirdest (yet goofiest) reason for an airport's alarm. So, if you want more wild headlines, check it out for yourself (along with another 11 strange recent stories):

A huge Batman fan is now third in line to the presidency. President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Leahy is so into Batman, he wrote the foreword to Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman, cameo'd in five Batman movies, and voiced a character in BatMAN: The Animated Series.

Source: CNN

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