15 Haunting Animals To Make You Shiver And Itch

Monsters don't only exist in film and television. No, there are monsters all over this planet that we previously thought was beautiful, but now know is teeming with tiny nightmares, ready to ruin our days. And now we're excited to ruin yours!


The Amazonian Wolf Fish CRACKEDCOR It can weigh over 80 pounds and has been known to jump onto land or into canoes, trying to catch prey. Also, it has antifreeze in its blood.

Source: Animal Planet


Harris' 3-Spot Caterpillar CRACKED COM When it molts, it keeps old heads and wears them as mock-dingleberries to gross out predators. If that doesn't work, it uses the heads to bash any attacker.

Source: Mississippi Entomological Museum


The Squid Worm CRACKED COM This bug is perfectly named. It's a worm with a head that looks like a squid. It uses those tentacles for breathing and grabbing stuff.

Source: National Geographic


Megalara Garuda CRACKEDcO Scientists call this insect the king of wasps. That's because it's over 2 inches long, venomous, and has jaws that wrap around its own head.

Source: National Geographic


Dinochelus Ausubeli CRACKED .COM The name of this Australian lobster translates aptly as terrible claw. It's blind, and it uses that elongated saw claw to catch and dice up prey.

Source: Australian Geographic


The Giraffe Weevil CRACKEDCOR The giraffe weevil can crane its neck. It lives in Madagascar, and that long neck helps the male fight off rivals and build nests.

Source: San Francisco Zoo


The Fishing Spider CRACKED COM The fishing spider doesn't need a web. It plucks its prey ouT of the water, often while balancing on the surface. It also branches out: One was spotted trying to kill a bat.

Source: Penn State


The Paralysis TicK This Australian bug dispenses a toxin that can paralyze you. This doesn't help the tick-as a parasite, it prefers you healthy and mobile-but it does it anyway.

Source: Annals of Tropical Medicine & Parasitology


The Yeti Crab CRACKED COM Besides looking strange, the yeti crab is crawling with bacteria. scientists think it cultivates these bacteria, which live in its arm hair, to eat.

Source: Smithsonian


The Torpedo Ray CRACKEDCO Electric torpedo rays can dispense 220 volts of electricity at any given moment, easily enough to knock an adult over. Saltwater amplifies the effect.

Source: Florida Museum


Anoura Fistulata CRACKED .COM This south American bat has a tongue that extends to one and a half times the length of its body. That's why it has a name that sounds like a sex act.

Source: National Geographic


Zebrafish Larvae CRACKED COM Scientists love the zebrafish because it can regrow its fin, tail, heart, and even brain. They think this offers US useful biological information and is not at all terrifying.

Source: Development


The Geoduck CRACKED COM Here's a clam that may be 140 years old and can weigh 20 pounds Its meat is a delicacy and is considered an aphrodisiac because of the clam's phallic appearance.

Source: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


Honeypot Ants The honeypot ant is a living pantry. It gorges itself on flower nectars during the rainy season then feeds other ants mouth-to-mouth the rest of the year.

Source: National Geographic


Carpet Sharks CRACKED cO COM The carpet shark swallows other sharks whole. It got its name because it lies around on the ocean floor looking like a throw rug until it strikes.

Source: Florida Museum