12 Sidekicks Who Stumbled on Center Stage

Never underestimate the power of a good sidekick -- where would Han Solo be without Chewbacca?  But just because you rock in a supporting role doesn’t mean you’re ready to carry the whole shebang. Here are 12 sidekicks who stumbled when they stood alone in the spotlight. 


RAINN WILSON Wilson parlayed his success as Assistant to the Regional Manager to snag the lead role in The Rocker, playing an aging drummer living out

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THE LONE GUNMEN CRACKED.COM The ultimate side characters got leading guy status, only to be cancelled after 13 episodes. Show co-creator Vince Gilliga



MATT LEBLANC CRAGKEDCOT Of all the Friends, Joey Tribbiani was probably the least likely to headline his own series. Sitcom rule: A little How you do



LEONARD NIMOY CRACKED.COM Nimoy got his chance at a movie lead with Catlow, a flick Tarentino calls one of the worst studio westerns of the seventies.

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JASON ALEXANDER ORAGKEDCOM Even George-ophiles should pass on Alexander's leading man role in I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore, unless they want to fast-for

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DON KNOTTS GRAGKED COM Knotts took home five Emmys playing the bumbling Barney Fife, but that success didn't translate to leading roles. He starred in



CLEVELAND GRACKED COM Mildly amusing as one of Peter's pals, Cleveland stunk as the star of the show. A toxic combination of witlessness and racial i

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CHRIS ELLIOTT CRACKED COM He shot to fame playing Dave Letterman's comic foil, but critics weren't kind when he headlined Cabin Boy. Elliott... seems

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SCOTT BAIO ERIN MORAN Cute as the younger relatives of Richie and the Fonz, less sO as post-adolescent first bananas. For God's sake, why cast them as

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ANDY RICHTER He's hilarious on Conan but Richter wasnt as successful leading Andy Barker P.I. Maybe his range is limited? He always plays ordinary guy



AFTERMASH CRAGKED COM AfterMAsH followed the exploits of Colonel Potter, Father Mulcahey and Klinger -- basically, the 4th, 5th, and 7th leads of the

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AARON PAUL CRACKED COM He's perfect as crystal-meth chef Jesse but Need for Speed is a piece of auto-collision pornography ... absolute proof that Aa

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