12 Sidekicks Who Stumbled (On Center Stage)

12 Sidekicks Who Stumbled (On Center Stage)

Acting takes a lot of confidence. You know how you can walk up to the worst player in the NBA, ask them how they feel about they're abilities, and they'd be like, “I'm the best basketball player ever?” It takes confidence to perform, especially at the highest levels. But, as the esteemed philosopher of our times, The Rock, once said: “KNOW YOUR ROLE.” The epilogue to that sentence should've been “AND BE COMFORTABLE IN IT.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a sidekick. There's honor it.

Never underestimate the power of a good sidekick -- where would Han Solo be without Chewbacca? And without Luigi, Super Mario Bros. wouldn't be able to pass for Christmas decorations. That'd be a shame. But just because you rock in a supporting role doesn’t mean you’re ready to carry the whole shebang. Here are 12 sidekicks who stumbled when they stood alone in the spotlight. 

MATT LEBLANC CRAGKEDCOT Of all the Friends, Joey Tribbiani was probably the least likely to headline his own series. Sitcom rule: A little How you do


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