15 Celebrities Who Wasted Money In Fantastic Ways

No one should be so rich that they can afford a personal monthly glitter budget, a diamond Barbie, or a first-class plane ticket for their hat. And yet…


Bono bought a plane ticket for his hat. CRACKED COM When he realized he left his hat at home, he did the logical thing and bought a new one NOPE just


Elon Musk bought a submarine car from a Bond movie. Wet Nellie sounds like a playground punishment Musk got every day of his childhood, but it's the n


Heidi Montag spent $10 million prepping for the apocalypse Mive Montag and husband Spencer Pratt were so sure that the world was ending via asteroid i


Thomas Jefferson dollar had a wine habit. CRACKED COM He spent over $1 million per year having that good European wine imported to the states. Impress


Kesha has a glitter budget. CRACKED COM She drops thousands a month on glitter. She told Vanity Fair that her goal is to cover the planet in glitter


KoRn bought a custom H. R. Giger mic stand. CRACKED COM Frontman Jonathan JDevil Davis pulled some serious Hot Topic sh*t and had the sci-fi artist


Paris Hilton bought a $325k doghouse Even if you didn't know that Paris Hilton had a custom duplex with designer furniture built for her dogs that cos


Lady Gaga bought ghost-hunting equipment. CRACKED CON After spending thousands yearly having ghostbusters scan her hotel rooms, she finally splurged o


Brad Pitt bought a Soviet tank. Pitt pulled the ol' anyone want this? on a prop from World War Z, and had the Soviet-era T-54 shipped to his Los Ang


Beyonce bought an $80k Barbie. CRACKEDCON For Blue Ivy's first birthday, Beymomce picked her up a Barbie from... Target? KB Toys? Who stocks this stuf


Katy Perry bought a ticket to space. CRACKEDCON Back when they were engaged, Perry bought Russell Brand a $200k ticket for a Virgin Galactic flight fo


Kim Basinger bought a whole-ass town. CRACKED COM In 1989, she went full Schitt's Creek and jointly bought a small town in Georgia for $20 million. 6


Celine Dion needed a $2 million humidifier. She had Caesar's Palace install a humidifier above the stage during a three-year residency, to keep the de


Nic Cage bought a dinosaur skull. M MORITI GES CRACKEDCO Cage is famous for flushing his money on bizarre MacGuffins, and making bizarre films to fill


Justin Timberlake bought MySpace CRACKED COM After portraying social media pioneer Sean Parker, Timberlake was part of a group that spent $35 million

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