15 Celebrities Who (Spectacularly) Wasted Money

No one should be so rich that they can afford a personal monthly glitter budget, a diamond Barbie, or a first-class plane ticket for their hat. And yet…


Bono bought a plane ticket for his hat. CRACKED COM When he realized he left his hat at home, he did the logical thing and bought a new one NOPE just


Elon Musk bought a submarine car from a Bond movie. Wet Nellie sounds like a playground punishment Musk got every day of his childhood, but it's the n

Random Purchases Only Celebs Would Make


Kesha has a glitter budget. CRACKED COM She drops thousands a month on glitter. She told Vanity Fair that her goal is to cover the planet in glitter

Random Purchases Only Celebs Would Make


KoRn bought a custom H. R. Giger mic stand. CRACKED COM Frontman Jonathan JDevil Davis pulled some serious Hot Topic sh*t and had the sci-fi artist

Random Purchases Only Celebs Would Make


Paris Hilton bought a $325k doghouse Even if you didn't know that Paris Hilton had a custom duplex with designer furniture built for her dogs that cos

Source: Curbed


Lady Gaga bought ghost-hunting equipment. CRACKED CON After spending thousands yearly having ghostbusters scan her hotel rooms, she finally splurged o


Brad Pitt bought a Soviet tank. Pitt pulled the ol' anyone want this? on a prop from World War Z, and had the Soviet-era T-54 shipped to his Los Ang

Source: DailyMail


Beyonce bought an $80k Barbie. CRACKEDCON For Blue Ivy's first birthday, Beymomce picked her up a Barbie from... Target? KB Toys? Who stocks this stuf


Katy Perry bought a ticket to space. CRACKEDCON Back when they were engaged, Perry bought Russell Brand a $200k ticket for a Virgin Galactic flight fo

Source: NYDailyNews


Kim Basinger bought a whole-ass town. CRACKED COM In 1989, she went full Schitt's Creek and jointly bought a small town in Georgia for $20 million. 6

Source: NYTimes


Celine Dion needed a $2 million humidifier. She had Caesar's Palace install a humidifier above the stage during a three-year residency, to keep the de

Source: Time


Nic Cage bought a dinosaur skull. M MORITI GES CRACKEDCO Cage is famous for flushing his money on bizarre MacGuffins, and making bizarre films to fill

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Justin Timberlake bought MySpace CRACKED COM After portraying social media pioneer Sean Parker, Timberlake was part of a group that spent $35 million

Source: TheGuardian