15 Celebrities Who (Spectacularly) Wasted Money

15 Celebrities Who (Spectacularly) Wasted Money

Do you adore your residence? That's fantastic, we love our apartments too, but we’re curious if you’d prefer it to the house Paris Hilton acquired for her pets. We’re sure you’ll be delighted to learnthat her home was significantly more expensive. What about your car? It may be beautiful, but you'll quickly realize that it pales in contrast to the vehicle Miley Cyrus purchased for her…yes, you guessed it, pets.

What's the wackiest thing you've ever bought with your money? Even if you try your hardest to explain the acquisition, everyone always has some skeletons in their closet, things they wish they hadn't spent so much money on. Becoming a celebrity has both advantages and disadvantages. You can buy everything on the globe, but as you've seen, this may lead to some ridiculous expenditures.

No one should be so wealthy that they can afford their hat, a personal monthly glitter budget, a diamond Barbie, or a first-class flying ticket. Keep on scrolling for more wild examples…

Bono bought a plane ticket for his hat. CRACKED COM When he realized he left his hat at home, he did the logical thing and bought a new one NOPE just

Paris Hilton bought a $325k doghouse Even if you didn't know that Paris Hilton had a custom duplex with designer furniture built for her dogs that cos

Source: Curbed

Lady Gaga bought ghost-hunting equipment. CRACKED CON After spending thousands yearly having ghostbusters scan her hotel rooms, she finally splurged o

Beyonce bought an $80k Barbie. CRACKEDCON For Blue Ivy's first birthday, Beymomce picked her up a Barbie from... Target? KB Toys? Who stocks this stuf

Celine Dion needed a $2 million humidifier. She had Caesar's Palace install a humidifier above the stage during a three-year residency, to keep the de

Source: Time

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