19 Celebrities Banned From TV Shows

If your dream is to get on a late night talk show and discuss whatever pranks George Clooney played on you on set, you'd best come correct. If you don't, you could end up on this list of celebrities, who, for one reason or another, are banned from appearing on certain TV shows. You also have to get really famous first, but that seems pretty easy. Just write a hit song that takes the world by storm or fall into a mall fountain on camera, whichever's easier.


The Kardashians ANDERSON LIVE CRACKEDCON Our first family ban! This one wasn't borne out of bad blood, but simple boredom. Anderson Cooper explained t

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Joan Rivers THE TONIGHT SHOW CRACKEDCO Joan Rivers was a permanent guest host on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show... until she launched a competing show,

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Jackie Mason ED SULLIVAN SHOW CRACKEDco An appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was your ticket to the big time. Unfortunately, Jackie Mason's hand sign

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Hugh Grant THE DAILY SHOW CRACKEDCO According to Jon Stewart, the affable Brit was not SO affable on set, being a bit of a nightmare to deal with. As

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Howie Mandel PIERS MORGAN LIVE CRACKED COM Howie Mandel does not get along with Piers Morgan. In his defense, not many people do. Angered by pranks Ma

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Bill Hicks LETTERMAN CRACKEDCO Bill Hicks, a stand-up comedy icon now mostly name-dropped on bad podcasts, was banned from Letterman when he dared mak

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Gilbert Gottfried THE HOWARD STERN SHOW Gottfried, known for the possession of a unique voice that would make an angle grinder blush, was banned from

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Bobcat Goldthwait THE TONIGHT SHOW GRACKEDOON With a name like Bobcat Goldthwait, you either become a comedian or a bounty hunter. Goldthwait was bann

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Gary Busey THE HOWARD STERN SHOW Foun Children CRACKED COM Brain damage from a motorcycle accident had an unfortunate effect on Gary Busey's personali

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Sandra Bernhard LETTERMAN CRACKEDcO COM At one point, Bernhard and Letterman were good friends and she made regular appearances. However, Letterman go

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Artie Lange THE TONIGHT SHOW CRACKED cO COM The rare good-guy ban: comedian Artie Lange has struggled with substance abuse throughout his life. After

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Howard Stern THE TONIGHT SHOW CRACKEDOON Stern was banned after his tension with Leno, a mutual dislike, came to a head with a Tonight Show appearance

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Oprah LETTERMAN CRACKEDCO Oprah has ascended to the pantheon of single-n fame, but she didn't do it on Letterman. Their feud began with Letterman pran

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Keith Olbermann PIERS MORGAN LIVE CRACKED.cO Piers Morgan explained in 2011 that he'd banned Keith Olbermann from his show. Morgan said, it's a tempo

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Madonna PIERS MORGAN LIVE CRACKEDCON Piers Morgan announced that Madonna was banned from Piers Morgan Live for offenses spanning from ad-throwing to m

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Jay Leno CONAN CRACKED.G COM After Leno ceded The Tonight Show to Conan O'Brien only to take the show back months later, the two aren't exactly BFFs.

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Harmony Korine LETTERMAN CRACKEDCO Director of Lisa Frank ketamine dream Spring Breakers and famous weirdo Harmony Korine was banned from Late Night w

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Kelsey Grammer PIERS MORGAN LIVE CRACKEDco COM When Piers Morgan Live showed a photo of Grammer's ex-wife after promising the relationship would be of

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Kathy Griffin ... LOTS OF THEM CRACKEDCO In terms of pure numbers, Kathy Griffin has been putting in the work. Her unfiltered style of comedy has ea

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