19 Celebs Who Got Themselves Banned From TV Shows

Getting banned from Twitter? That's easy. Getting banned the old-fashioned way, by pissing off a TV host? That takes dedication.
19 Celebs Who Got Themselves Banned From TV Shows

It's perfectly evident when a famous celebrity's talk show conversation isn't heading well. These same chats typically follow the very same style: the visitor tells a hilarious tale to tell about their individual life or career, promotes their newest creation, and concludes with a benevolent thank you from the host. However, this is not always the case with a special appearance. A few really talk show interview questions deviate from the script, resulting in the actor or guest walking off phase or never becoming invited back.

If you want to appear on a late-night talk show to discuss whatever pranks George Clooney played on you on set, you'd better come prepared. If you don't, you might end up on this list of celebrities who have been barred from appearing on certain TV shows for various reasons. You'll also need to become extremely well-known first, which seems to be relatively simple. Simply write a hit song that takes the world by storm, or, if that's easier, fall into a mall fountain on camera.

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