15 Iconic Movie Moments Actors Made Up On The Fly

In theory, what happens in a movie is decided when the script is written, and the actors just make that happen. In practice, filmmaking is pretty chaotic and totally relies on ad libs. Here are 15 examples to illustrate our point:


Andrew Garfield just decided to do that little dance when he went up to Jesse Eisenberg at the party in The Social Network. When David Fincher saw tha

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It was Kieran Culkin's idea to throw keys at Scott's head in scott Pilgrim VS. the World. Which means Michael Cera's reaction in the shot is probably

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Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman ad-libbed their reactions to the fart in the phone booth in Rain Man. Hoffman actually farted, and they just reacted in-

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Jim Carrey came up with the Big gulps? line in Dumb and Dumber on the spot. REK The two guys standing there weren't even in the moviec they were jus

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Austin Powers' shushing scene wasn't in the script. Just like 30-40% of the movie, it's actors riffing on each other.

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Tom Hardy just decided to jump into that lobster tank in Venom. The crew put a huge lobster tank in the restaurant, and when Hardy saw it, he said he

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Steve Martin improvised the entire farewell speech in The Jerk (And that's all I need ... . Co-writer Michael Elias says it's the scene he's proudes

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Bruce Willis kind of made up his own lines in the Armageddon scene where he lists the drillers' demands. Michael Bay asked every actor to write down w

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When he was recording his lines for Genie, Robin Williams spontaneously called Aladdin AI. The filmmakers liked that, and changed the script so Geni

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Sigourney Weaver ad-libbed the line You're more like a game show host' in Ghostbusters. The version in the script said You're more like a car sales

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Jerome Flynn (Bronn) spontaneously grabbed Daniel Portman (Podrick)'s balls in Game of Thrones. He said, I decided to grab his balls and he had no id

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In Captain America: Civil War, when Tony Stark asks Bucky to back off by saying Manchurian Candidate, there's a truce here, that was just something

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In John Wick, it was Michael Nyqvist's idea to have Viggo smoke a joint to tune out the knowledge that John Wick is killing his son.

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Jonah Hill and Jillian Bell winged their initial fight in 22 Jump Street. PRI REA Since it was all improv, the whole thing was done in a single take (

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Hugh Jackman came up with the line What do they call you? Wheels? on the Men set.

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