21 Historical Events That Must Have Been Time Travel

‘The Minoans had flush toilets in 15th century B.C.’
21 Historical Events That Must Have Been Time Travel

Listen, on a rational level, we know time travel doesn’t exist. If it does, either no one’s done it yet for some reason or they’re a huge asshole. Sure, there’s probably some good Butterfly Effect reason not to kill Hitler or stop 9/11 or make sure the COVID-19 virus never infected patient zero, but there wasn’t a single atrocity worth fixing? Or in the case of future travel, anyone who’s done it must have had no friends or family who would miss them, because there have been zero reported cases of people who happened to be toying with time travel who up and vanished.

On a funner, more suggestible level, there are events in history that really seem like they can’t be explained by anything other than time travel. Call it the indomitable human spirit or a glitch in the matrix or just a huge coincidence, but a hole in the fabric of space-time starts to sound like the more logical answer. Reddit came up with plenty such scenarios when user CarmeleH asked r/AskReddit, “What is a crazy history fact that sounds like a time traveler was involved in?”

endofthehold Зу ago Duff McKagan, ex bassist of Guns and Roses buys stock in StarBucks, Microsoft and Amazon. Не made these investments all in 1994.
Halfdeadgenius Зу ago There are cables in the pyramids. Not really cables but conducting metal lines throughout the structures.
- RayAnselmo Зу ago The Minoans had flush toilets in the 15th century BC.
Argon1300 Зу ago Wernher von Braun (the guy who not only lead the team building the first large ballistic missiles but also lead the developement of the Saturn V moon rocket) wrote a novel about the colonization of mars. In his story the marsians refer to their political leader as the 'Elon'.
birdmug Зу ago Edited Зу ago Something very similar to the internet (and its negative effects) was predicted by E M Forster in his short story The Machine Stops published in 1909.
Giocri Зу ago Edited Зу ago Isaac Asimov's correctly predicted the pc would move from behind mainframes to become so small and common to fit in a watch and then back to highly centralized servers you could connect to using a high speed communication network
BackWaterBill Зу ago One of H.G. Wells' short stories, a character is amazed that someone is able to place a smaller rectangular object into a receiver in their wall, and then watch a pre-recorded program on a screen. Не basically described the VHS tape in the 1920's.
Witchy-Twitchy_Mary Зу ago Mexico had a president (Pedro Lascuráin Paredes) that lasted 45 minutes in the power. The 45 minutes was exactly the time it took him to fill in the paperwork to give up his seat as president but very few know that he did it in order to avoid getting killed since the leadership was the main reason his boss, Francisco I. Madero, died at the hands of a military coup during tense times with both radical revolutionaries and conservative groups.
jliol Зу ago Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887 - 1920) was an Indian mathematician, who with almost no formal mathematical training worked in advanced mathematical areas, initially on his own and in isolation. His works were so advanced that are being proven even as late as 2012 and if I recall correctly he claimed that he was progressing in his work through visions revealed to him by Hindu gods in his sleep. Не died in the age of 32
bmoviescreamqueen Зу ago If you're into music theory and classical music, listen to Don Carlo Gesualdo. This guy was doing musical stuff nobody would even consider until many hundreds of years later. The tonality he used in particular wasn't seen until the 19th century. Absolutely wild stuff that's both a bitch and beautiful to sing.
starryeyes1969 Зу ago Edited Зу ago The ancient Greeks figuring out how to ligate blood vesicles (to some extent) and that it improves the success of amputations. Then everyone forgot about it for 1,500 years until it was rediscovered in 1870.
SatynMalanaphy Зу ago The Indus Valley Civilization, contemporaries of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, was far more advanced in several ways in comparison to them and most of history till a few centuries down the line. For example, they already had indoor washrooms with underground drainage systems, zoning and planning of cities in a uniform fashion akin to modern metropolises, extensive public works and social welfare, standardisation of weights, measures, construction etc across the discovered area which is larger than Egypt and Mesopotamia combined. They were already at this stage when the Great Pyramids were built, indicating that they had been
Catalyst_Sable Зу ago Finally found somewhere I can share this fact XD This will probably get buried, but here goes: In 1938 a German archeologist discovered a device in Baghdad that was deemed to be 2,000 years olb and resembles a battery. (article here:https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sciencefocus.com/science/was-the- baghdad-battery-really-a-battery/amp/). It was speculated that it could have been used for electroplating objects, but then why just one? Why weren't more found? Kinda odd... Sounds more like a time traveler got stuck and needed to recharge his time-travelling thingamajig to get back.
CplSoletrain Зу ago The lead up to Antietam, three cigars were discovered. They were wrapped in a detailed description of Lee's plans. They were just... found. Lying on the ground. So someone had to find them, and then unwrap them, and examine the paper, and then realize what it was that they were looking at. I don't buy that the South would have won the war, I don't even necessarily buy that the South would have won that battle, but it would have been a lot more bloody. It's like someone drew up a copy of how Lee's plan went,
Atesz222 Зу ago The RAF raid on La Caine during the Battle of Normandy, 1944. The Germans were organizing a counter-attack with the goal of pushing the Allies back into the sea. Some historians say the Germans had a huge chance of success there. Only problem was, the officers were organizing the whole thing in a château at La Caine. The RAF knew it and rocket-bombed the place into oblivion right before the order to attack was to be given out. Because of this the German troops didn't get the order of attack and the operation was cancelled, thus saving
cojallison99 Зу ago Edited Зу ago For D-Day invasion Germany had planned to include tanks all along the coast and many historians believe that it would have been a total disaster for the Allies forces. Apparently, the plans were all written and drawn up and sent for hitlers approval, only for Hitler to sleep in that day and end up being too late to sign for the approval. Some time traveler definitely went back in time and took Hitler out for a night of partying
KopitesForever . Зу ago The July Bomb plot. Someone tried to assassinate Hitler with a bomb in a suitcase. Не placed the suitcase next to Hitler and left with the intention of detonating it. Someone at the meeting moved the suitcase so it was behind a table leg which meant that the table absorbed the force of the explosion and Hitler survived
hortonhoo Зу ago Edited Зу ago The curious case of Peter Power and the anti-terrorism training exercise which involved five simulated bombings of five London underground train stations which took place at exactly the same time and at exactly the same stations as the actual bombings on 7th July 2005. Power later described this as a spooky coincidence.
nixxa13 Зу ago About the story written by Edgar Allen Poe where a sailor named Richard Parker is cannibalized by members of the crew after they are shipwrecked, and then like 20 years later a cabin boy named Richard parker was murdered and cannibalized by his crew after their ship was shipwrecked
Karma1324roar Зу ago A man wrote a book about a boat called the Titan being hitting a Iceberg in the exact same area of sea as the Titanic which was not very strong only a couple years before the titanic sunk
Pornflakes_Are_Nice Зу ago That one story of the guy who experienced an air raid 11 years before it occurred. Journalist J. Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt were sent by a German newspaper to do a story on the Hamburg shipyard in 1932. It was an uneventful visit - until the bombs began raining down on them. Hutton and Brandt realized they were caught in the middle of an air raid and high-tailed it out of there, but not before snapping some photographs. When they got back to the center of Hamburg, no one believed their story. They developed the photos they


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