15 Very Serious People Who Made Impossibly Silly Predictions

We all call our shots once in a while, but few people find themselves in a position to be so intensely, jaw-droppingly wrong as these folks:


TV won't last 6 months. 2OTH CENTURY FOX CRACKED COM Studio exec Darryl Zanuck predicted that people will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box


Michael Jordan won't carry this franchise. CHICAGO BULLS GM TLLS CRACKED.COM General Manager Rod Thorn was almost apologetic that there was no one tal


Smoking's probably fine. NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE CRACKED COM W.C. Heuper, director of the institute's Environmental Cancer Section, was pretty darn


Audiences don't want tO hear actors. A WARNER BRO. H.M. Warner thought silent movies were the height of cinema: Who the hell wants to hear actors tal


Movies are a fad. CHARLIE CHAPLIN CRACKED COM Before becoming a silent film star, Chaplin declared what audiences want to see is flesh and blood on t


The telephone has no legs. WESTERN UNION CRACKED COM In an internal memo, employees were told that the telephone shouldn't be 'seriously considered a

Source: Marketing Communications: An Integrated Approach


Brick-and-mortar stores have nothing to worry about. TIME MAGAZINE CRACKED.COM Their 1966 prediction that remote shopping will flop was based on the

Source: Time


The Beatles have no future in showbiz. DECCA RECORDS An impressively shortsighted record exec expounded that four-piece groups with guitars, particul

Source: DailyMail


Nothing bad will happen to the stock market. IRVING FISHER CRACKED.GOM 3 days before the stock market crash, an American economist declared that stock

Source: Federal Reserve History


We'll go full Flintstones. Tb Find Some Use For Every Wild Animal Man's Steadily Increasing Need for More Space Will Eventually Force Untamed Beasts t

26 Really Inaccurate Predictions About The Future


We'll all get tired of the internet. ROBERT METCALFE The guy who co-invented Ethernet predicted the internet would go supernova, and in 1996 will cat


Rail commuters will suffocate. DIONYSIUS LARDNER CRACKED COM The professor at University College, London, was convinced that high-speed trains were si

26 Really Inaccurate Predictions About The Future


There's simply no demand for YouTube. YOUTUBE COFOUNDER Cofounder and CTO Steve Chen once said there's just not that many videos I want to watch. St

Source: Telegraph