15 Impossibly Silly Predictions (Made By Serious People)

15 Impossibly Silly Predictions (Made By Serious People)

Many future predictions have been made throughout history by many people, some of which have proven to be eerily accurate. A French physician named Nostradamus, is among the most famous 'seers,' foreseeing historical events like the French Revolution, all these World Wars, and perhaps even Princess Diana's death.

It's hard to believe we're already in the twenty-first century. While we've seen some incredible technical advancements, such as artificial intelligence and phones which unlock automatically by scanning our faces, we're still not living in the real world of flying cars and robotic butlers (unless you count roombas) that individuals once dreamed we'd be living in by now. Indeed, projections about the futuristic as well as revolutionary developments we'd experience in this distant-sounding year were fairly lofty decades ago. Do you need a good laugh? 

We all call our own shots now and again, but few people are in a position to be as profoundly, jaw-droppingly incorrect as these people. Here are the results

TV won't last 6 months. 2OTH CENTURY FOX CRACKED COM Studio exec Darryl Zanuck predicted that people will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box

Michael Jordan won't carry this franchise. CHICAGO BULLS GM TLLS CRACKED.COM General Manager Rod Thorn was almost apologetic that there was no one tal

Smoking's probably fine. NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE CRACKED COM W.C. Heuper, director of the institute's Environmental Cancer Section, was pretty darn

Audiences don't want tO hear actors. A WARNER BRO. H.M. Warner thought silent movies were the height of cinema: Who the hell wants to hear actors tal

Movies are a fad. CHARLIE CHAPLIN CRACKED COM Before becoming a silent film star, Chaplin declared what audiences want to see is flesh and blood on t

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