15 Internet Firsts: The Primordial Soup From Which The Modern Web Slithered

The slithering, ravenous, poisonous monster that is the modern internet had to start somewhere. For a glorious couple of decades, it was just a bunch of nerds doing nerd stuff: playing pranks, making a quick buck, and trying to score some weed.

As we now know, it's evolved into something much more sinister. But here are a few milestones from the early internet that were actually kinda cute, in hindsight:


The first transaction: 1973 Some Stanford students bought some weed off some MIT students on ARPANET.

Source: Vice


The first AOL IM: 1993 DISK PROGRAM disk in vOu A MIEIRICA Insert (A disk drve flopoy the Fle Onlmme 8Y: click on Windows of your menu Managet: Progra


The first live webcam: 1991 wwwdcamacuk/coffeel WA CRACKED CON University of Cambridge researchers got tired of running to a different floor to check

Source: BBC


The first emoticon: 1982 -82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman Scott E Fahlman <Fahlman at 20c> I propose that the following character sequence for joke :-) Read

Source: Wired


The first YouTube video: 2005 CRACKED COM YouTube cofounder Jawed Karim's Me at the zOO has the energy of an aborted Jackass stunt. He motions to th

Me at the zoo


The first multiplayer game: 1978 aiste icands.e Sungeon MUDE Uersion 3E(19> Yeu ar auited to heek t saetien 9. Oup eree neu disest ion fore for MD pla

Multi-User Dungeon


The first search engine: 1990 Archie Query Form for: CRACKED Archie (that's archive, minus the v) was created 8 years before Google, by college studen



The first e-mail: 1971 0.000000 CRACKEDON The first few missives sent using the symbol were messages from programmer Ray Tomlinson to... himself. He s


The first SPAM: 1978 SPAM P5% LESS SODIUM THAN SPAMO CLASSIG CRACKED COM It took 7 years from the first e-mail for the first SPAM to start clogging up


The first song download: 1994 TCEIOSMIUE CRACKED COM Aerosmith's Head First (off of Get a Grip) was the first song made available for digital downlo

Source: Vice


The first blog: 1994 by April Chan Well. now that you've made it this far. I guess a full introduction IS in order. CRACKED OON The term wasn't coined

Justin's Links From The Underground


The first social network: 1995 CLASSMATES 1M Welcome to ClassMates Online This unique new service helps high school alumni friends find each other. Wh


The first image upload: 1992 Horribles Cernettes Les CRACKED CON Internet co-inventor Tim Berners-Lee uploaded this picture of Les Horribles Cernettes

Source: Gizmodo


The first banner ad: 1994 Have you ever clicked your mouse right HERE? CRACKEDCON Wired.com (nee HotWired) ran this vintage clickbait ad for AT&T. It

Source: Wired


ThE first virus: 1971 HACKERMAN Creeper made the rounds on the early ARPANET, displaying the simple message: I'm the creeper: catch me if you can

Source: Sentrian