The slithering, ravenous, poisonous monster that is the modern internet had to start somewhere. For a glorious couple of decades, it was just a bunch of nerds doing nerd stuff: playing pranks, making a quick buck, and trying to score some weed. As we now know, it's evolved into something much more sinister: people playing pranks, people making a quick buck, and people trying to score some weed. Oh, and also other stuff, like mean people telling us to KYS (kiss your sister? Ew, that’s so depraved) or ads being tailored exactly to us to get us to spend more money than we have. Of course there are still fun and games. Lists like this are kind of fun, right? And there’s hundreds and hundreds (dare we say… thousands and thousands?) of games ranging from interesting to awful. Regardless, here are a few milestones from the early internet that were actually kinda cute, in hindsight.

The first AOL IM: 1993 DISK PROGRAM disk in vOu A MIEIRICA Insert (A disk drve flopoy the Fle Onlmme 8Y: click on Windows of your menu Managet: Progra

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The first e-mail: 1971 0.000000 CRACKEDON The first few missives sent using the symbol were messages from programmer Ray Tomlinson to... himself. He s

The first SPAM: 1978 SPAM P5% LESS SODIUM THAN SPAMO CLASSIG CRACKED COM It took 7 years from the first e-mail for the first SPAM to start clogging up


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