15 Movie Scenes That Were Supposed To Play Out Differently

Taking something from a rough outline to a finished work is less of a well-defined process and more like fumbling around in the dark while trying to get a bedsheet off yourself. In light of that fact, please enjoy these 15 stories of scenes that kind of strayed pretty far from the original idea:


Johnny Depp wanted Captain Jack Sparrow's nose to be missing. As an act of rebellion against his own selling out to Disney, he suggested that Jack sho

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The hybrid in Alien: Resurrection was originally a sexual horror. It had a combination of male and female genitalia, and they shot the whole movie wit

Source: 6 Ridiculous First Drafts of Famous Movie Monsters


The initial idea was for the Predator to be kind of a space duck ninja. They got Jean-Claude Van Damme, of all people, to play him, but booted him (an

Source: 6 Ridiculous First Drafts of Famous Movie Monsters


The chestburster in Alien 3 was supposed to be played by a very good boy. They wanted to make the alien take on some of the traits of the host organis

Source: 6 Ridiculous First Drafts of Famous Movie Monsters


The initial idea was for Xavier to live in an upright water tank in Logan. They thought it'd be awkward for Logan to go down a 200-foot ladder all the

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Originally, David was supposed to do a Hitler-style kick while walking through the ship at the end of Alien: Covenant. Ridley Scott axed the idea, thi

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The shooting location inspired Paul Verhoeven to make Robocop walk on water. The day before filming, Verhoeven saw the big walls that reminded him of

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In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Quill was supposed to believe Ego right away, while Gamora distrusted him. But the story started making sense to James G

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They made up Benny's death scene in Total Recall on the spot. That part of the script was being rewritten when they were supposed to shoot the scene,

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They came up with the ending of Homeland a day before it was shot. Despite many script drafts and discussions, they couldn't settle on a good reason f

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A fight scene got cut from Blade Runner. When Deckard and Gaff search an apartment and find the snake scale, they were supposed to pull down a Murphy

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