13 Now-You-Know Touching Tributes To Famous People

All stars eventually burn out, but that doesn't mean we can't honor the light they gave us. Here are some examples of moving and/or clever ways people have honored famous people who have passed. 


At the premiere of Good Omens, a seat was left empty for Terry Pratchett's hat and scarf. Neil Gaiman paid tribute to his late co-author with Pratchet

Source: Radio Times


For 20 years after her death, Joe DiMaggio had red roses delivered to Marilyn Monroe's grave 3 times a week. DiMaggio and Monroe had a brief marriage

Source: Atlas Obscura


In the last episode of Cheers, Sam straightens a frame in an ode to Nicholas Colasanto (Coach). The picture was in Colasanto's dressing room until his


An acre of English land was given to the U.S. after the assassination of JFK. ACR OF ENGLISH GROUNDW TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAB THE PEOPLE OF BR

Source: Atlas Obscura


Vin Diesel named his daughter Pauline after his friend Paul Walker. Diesel's fourth child was born in 2015, two years after Walker's death. NOW YOU KN

Source: USA Today


A statue of George Washington in London has soil from Virginia underneath. This is because he supposedly once said, I will never set foot in London a

Source: Black Cab London


A tree planted in LA in memory of George Harrison died because of a beetle infestation. The former Beatle spent his last days in LA and enjoyed garden

Source: BBC


Alice Cooper donated the second O in the Hollywood sign to the memory of Groucho Marx. HO LLYWOOD Cooper was one of 9 donors to restore the sign in

Source: HollywoodSign.org


After the death of pitcher Jose Fernandez, the Marlins all wore his jersey. FERMANDE) ERNANDEZ FERANDE 16 10 10 After his field tribute, Dee Strange-G

Source: Inside Edition


The NYC subway system pays tribute to Aretha Franklin. Respect FRANKLIN AV FRANKLIN AVE At its Franklin station, the MTA has an official Respect. si

Source: Variety


Douglas Adams' fans celebrate Towel Day on May 25 since 2001, the year of his death. Fans openly carry a towel on them on this day, as a reference to

Source: TowelDay.org


Stephen Hawking's voice was beamed to the nearest black hole. After his burial (between Newton and Darwin), his words were beamed from a European Spac

Source: NBC News


When Bill Paxton died, storm chasers honored the Twister star. Sonoleid Amariio AboNE Sheveport Using GPS markers, they created his initials in the to

Source: Variety