13 Now-You-Know Touching Tributes To Famous People

Did you know Vin Diesel named a child after Paul Walker?
13 Now-You-Know Touching Tributes To Famous People

What would you do if you found out one of your idols had passed away? It's a tough question to answer, and it's something that nobody ever wants to think about. But the reality is that many famous people die every year, and when they do, their fans react in all sorts of ways. Some people choose to boycott the celebrity's work altogether, while others find comfort in reminiscing about all the good times they had with that person. And then there are the people who choose to honor the celebrity in a very special way... by touching their name. Yes, you read that right - some devoted fans touch or kiss the star's name on a memorial plaque or statue in order to say goodbye.

When somebody famous dies, there are usually touching tributes from friends, family, and fans. Sometimes these tributes are heartfelt, and sometimes they're a little bit weird. But no matter what, they always offer a glimpse into what the famous person meant to the people who knew them best. Here are some now-you-know moments from recent celebrity deaths.

In the last episode of Cheers, Sam straightens a frame in an ode to Nicholas Colasanto (Coach). The picture was in Colasanto's dressing room until his
A tree planted in LA in memory of George Harrison died because of a beetle infestation. The former Beatle spent his last days in LA and enjoyed garden

Source: BBC

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