15 Minor Movie Moments That Were Tons Of Work

It's not worth spending a lot of effort on blink-and-you'll-miss-it movie moments, right? Well, if you ask some directors ... no. Here are 15 stories about how directors said "no" as hard as they could to that question. 


James Cameron spent two days making sure the piece of wood that saves Rose in Titanic was the right weight. He was in the water himself, putting actor

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It took three hours to shoot the opening crawl in Star Wars. That time was spent shooting three different versions of the crawl, plus foreign-language

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Two and a half years of CGI animation for Gravity had to be thrown out. Alfonso Cuaron had animators doing animation for two and a half years before h

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George Lucas rebuilt the entire Jabba's Palace set for the Return of the Jedi special edition. To film a few extra seconds for Oola's death scene, he

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xt YTO WALKING HIRO TALL BAO BOYST SEACAL JUstide Mort NICXNOITE D6 CIUCK EL SILENT All the gas station DVDs in Hot Fuzz had to be legally cleared. Wh

Source: 6 Scenes In Famous Movies That Were Insanely Hard To Film


They took Home Alone's movie-within-a-movie super seriously. They tracked down the Tommy gun that James Cagney used in 1935's G Men, and used that.

Source: 6 Scenes In Famous Movies That Were Insanely Hard To Film


Four people operated the vampire Pearl in Blade. One person did the head, one did the feet, and one controlled each arm. CRACKED.COM

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Filming Inigo and Westley' sword fight in The Princess Bride took ten days. It took that long because it's all Carey Elwes and Mandy Patinkinc. there

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Carrie-Anne Moss trained six months just for the fight in The Matrix's opening scene.

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The underpants in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 took a surprising level of planning. They had to find a way to keep them from looking like regular modern-

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SEMIOTIC STANDARD OCL FEE fi MONON Production designer Ron Cobb developed an elaborate symbol system for Alien. The little symbols and icons you see a

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Pixar wrote a new program just for Merida's hair in Brave. And her hair is made up of over 1,500 individual, hand-sculpted strands.

Source: Vanity Fair, The Atlantic


Shooting the apartment building interiors in Blade Runner was a slog. They used a real office building- so they'd start shooting at 6 PM, and they'd h

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