15 Minor Movie Moments That Were Tons Of Work

Sometimes, it really, really pays to sweat the small stuff.
15 Minor Movie Moments That Were Tons Of Work

Movies are a ton of work. Just look at the credits: all those people doing jobs the average viewer barely understands and recognizes. The average Marvel movie credit takes about half the runtime of the movie, as anyone who's stuck around in a theater after the lights come on and the full glory of the popcorn-and-Milk Dud-crusted floor is revealed just to get a 30-second teaser of Nick Fury talking to Unnamed Easter Egg Character X. 


But we understand it takes a lot of work to believably make Dominic Toretto jump off a car to catch Letty midair or to make the Predator costume not look like a ridiculous rubber banana. But that's the really hard stuff. It's not worth spending a lot of effort on blink-and-you'll-miss-it movie moments, right? Well, if you ask some directors ... no. Here are 15 stories about how directors said "no" as hard as they could to that question. 

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