15 Awful Holiday Movies to Stream This Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving -- and the morning after is a time for regretting. You're hungover, empty boxes and torn wrapping paper are scattered around the house, and there’s nothing to eat but warmed-over turkey. Do you really have anything to do, except nurse your brand-new heartburn while watching bad movies? (Let’s be real -- good movies would go waste in your condition.) Now, here at Cracked we strive to be helpful, so we’ve curated this list of Christmas films you can conveniently stream just to forget them the next day. You’re welcome.

(Now, it’s entirely possible that you think some of these are actually good, in which case hey, we don’t judge. Nostalgia and eggnog can play tricks on our perception of what’s good and what isn’t. We’ll be just volunteering in advance the detail that Vince Vaughn is two of these, but so is Tim Allen. Make of this information what you will.)


Home Alone 3 DiSNEY+ A kid (who is not Macaulay Culkin) defends his home against international terrorists. Yeah, the two first movies weren't exactly

Sources: Den of Geek, Watch on Disney+


'Twas the Night Bryan Cranston steals Santa's sled and uses it to burglarize houses. Do you even care how bad the movie can be after reading t

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Watch on Disney+


Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 No list of trashy holiday movies is complete without the film that originated the garbage day! meme, is it? Yes,

Sources: Bloody Disgusting, Watch on Shudder


Saving Christmas No, this isn't a Sunday school sermon of a movie - -according to star Kirk Cameron, its dismal ratings are the result of

Sources: The Washington Post, Watch on Prime Video


Santa Claus: The Movie Fresh out of producing Superman: The Movie, the Salkinds produced an origin story about Santa Claus, with John Lithgow as a s

Sources: Roger Ebert, Watch on Peacock


Santa Claus conquers the Martians You might have seen this jewel from the '60s on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Since it's in the public domain, you c

Sources: The Public Domain Review, Watch on The Internet Archive


DiSNEY+ Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause Did you find The Santa Clause funny? Then you might want to see that one again instead of this belated, inan

Sources: The A.V. Club, Watch on Disney+


The Polar Express Do you feel like having nightmares about the creepy, mustached Tom Hanks who should have never been? This is

Sources: CNN, Watch on Netflix


The Nutcracker: The Untold Story This is loosely based on Tchaikovsky's ballet and we do mean loosely. John Turturro as an evil, Andy Warhol-esque R

Sources: Roger Ebert, Watch on Amazon


Christmas with The Kranks You know this movie the one where Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are harassed by their neighbors for not celebrating C

Sources: Roger Ebert, Watch on Netflix


Holiday in the Wild Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe have romantic adventures in Zambia. Even a positive review calls it cheesy and stupid but also charmi

Sources: The Guardian, Watch on Netflix


Fred Claus Paul Giamatti is Santa Claus, and Vince Vaugh is his deadbeat brother, Fred. The New York Times called this movie EIf without the goofy jo

Sources: The New York Times, Watch on Netflix


Four Christmases Reese Witherspoon? Sissy Spacek? Robert Duvall? This movie features all these Oscar winners, and more - and yet, none of them is a

Sources: The Guardian, Watch on Netflix


Deck the Halls This movie has Danny DeVito in it - and that seems to be the only nice thing people have to say about it. On the other hand, the movie

Sources: The Austin Chronicle, Watch on Prime Video


Home Alone 4: Home Alone was big - so big that it grew proud, and didn't know when to stop. So Home Alone 4 was hatched, pretty much a cheaper, s

Sources: Den of Geek, Watch on Hulu