15 Awful Holiday Movies to Stream This Christmas

Don't try to tell us you have better plans.
15 Awful Holiday Movies to Stream This Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving -- and the morning after is a time for regretting. You're hungover, empty boxes and torn wrapping paper are scattered around the house, and there’s nothing to eat but warmed-over turkey. Do you really have anything to do, except nurse your brand-new heartburn while watching bad movies? (Let’s be real -- good movies would go waste in your condition.) Now, here at Cracked we strive to be helpful, so we’ve curated this list of Christmas films you can conveniently stream just to forget them the next day. You’re welcome.

(Now, it’s entirely possible that you think some of these are actually good, in which case hey, we don’t judge. Nostalgia and eggnog can play tricks on our perception of what’s good and what isn’t. We’ll be just volunteering in advance the detail that Vince Vaughn is two of these, but so is Tim Allen. Make of this information what you will.)


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