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These people went above and beyond the call of duty in their everyday lives just because it was the right thing to do.


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Warning: There's a lot of peeing in this article.


4 Historical Elections That Prove We're All Petty Morons

Teddy Roosevelt announced his candidacy as part of the newly formed Bull-Moose Party, named after two of the many animals that were terrified of him.


Caught People Who Couldn't Stop Digging Themselves Deeper

Calling someone a bad liar is actually a pretty nice compliment -- and we're about to compliment the shout out of some folks.


Everyday Cultural Stuff You Assume Is Universal (That Isn't)

It turns out that lots of everyday things you assumed were hardwired into humanity are in fact vastly different once you cross a border.


5 Awesome Things That'll Be Gone Forever By, Like, Soon

When was the last time you saw a crystal meth addict shouting at a half-scared, half-pissed-off animal?


5 Horrifying Things You See Driving A Freight Train

Driving a freight train is the type of job that doesn't seem like much of a challenge until you realize it could murder an entire city.


4 Things To Consider When Painting A Tunnel On A Wall

So it's finally come to it. You're going to paint a tunnel on a wall. I'm not going to ask why you're doing this, what strange road your life has taken to get you to this point.


6 Artifacts That Let You Directly Experience The Past

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to touch, taste, or kick back and smoke the past, rest assured that it's possible to.


6 Insane Ways Companies Screw Over Their Employees

Don't expect mercy from American automobile factories if you drive a foreign car.


This Article Will Explode In 5 Points

I'm no bomb expert. But I am armed with the greatest bomb defusal tool there is: the internet.


The 25 Best Prom Dresses (For Saying 'My Dad Owns The Moon')

Apparently the real goal of prom is to make everyone else at the catering hall think the dress-wearer's father is some sort of all-powerful interplanetary oligarch with limitless wealth and space capabilities.


4 Things No One Tells You About Being Fired

When you lose a job for reasons that have nothing to do with your performance, then here are a few things to know, I guess.