Tell Us Now: 19 Downright Strange Requests From Customers

Sometimes, the customer is very, very wrong.
Tell Us Now: 19 Downright Strange Requests From Customers

If you've ever worked at a public-facing job, you know the customer isn't always right. Your bosses and middle managers tell you that, but that's because they're capitalist simps. In fact, sometimes the customer is undeniably very, very wrong. Look, we're writers on Cracked dot com, you're readers at Cracked dot com, let's be level here: we've all worked a fast food job, a retail job, a car dealership job, and had to deal with our fair share of Karens. More frighteningly, the male versions of Karens—Chucks, we guess? Not sure on the current lingo—and they might have a .22 gauge in their trunk. Anyway, customers frequently suck. It's simply a fact of American life. A fact we should collectively work to change, but…Americans, you know?

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What is the strangest request you've gotten from a customer?” and, boy, you've had some weird experiences with customers. Here are 19 cringeworthy requests for your entertainment… 

TELL US NOW. WELL THAT'S ONE WAY 43 4 2 41 2 Kaitlynn E. tells US, I've had a middle-aged woman ask me to pull her pants down in the middle of the store SO she could see what size she was wearing.
TELL US NOW. NOT HOW ALLERGIES WORK Cindy P. was working in a sandwich shop when a customer requested white bread because she was allergic to wheat.
TELL US NOW. THIRSTY AIRHEAD Garrett N. shares, One time while working at a restaurant, a customer told me their water tasted 'airy.' This was not carbonated water, just regular water. I assured them that our water contained exactly two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen per molecule. They didn't
TELL US NOW. A VERY IMPORTANT RETURN Ami W. was working the return desk when I had a guest who wanted to speak to the CEO of Target; and he wasn't going to leave the store until we got him on the line. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. CULINARY INVENTION Doree B. tells US I once had a customer ask for sushi on wheat bread. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. REFINED TASTES Michael M. tells US, I worked at a fine dining restaurant. We had a regular that came in and ordered the filet mignon every time. He always ordered it butterflied, well done, and with ketchup. Basically a $45 hunk of beef ierky. Nice dude, good
TELL US NOW. A POTATO BY ANY OTHER NAME Sarah M. shares that a customer wanted US to make the potato wedges less potatoey.
TELL US NOW. SWEET EGGS Lucy M. shares, While working breakfast shift one day, I had a lady order an omelet with strawberry jam inside of it, nothing else in the omelet, just iam. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. WARM LETTUCE Matthew E. says a customer asked, Can you take my salad and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds?
TELL US NOW. LIVER SUB SUBWAY Melinda V. tells US, worked at a Subway, and this woman asked for liver loaf, and just could not accept that we didn't have liver loaf. I think about her often and wonder if she ever got her liver loaf.
TELL US NOW. WARM MILK Tara T. tells US, worked in a movie theatre and once had a customer ask me if we served room-temperature ice cream.'w
TELL US NOW. GOOD INTENTIONS Miguel E. says, At a grocery store, a customer once asked me if we carried grass-fed soy milk.' 0 politely declined (even though know that it doesn't exist) and she left the store angry because 'no one seems to carry it and we need
TELL US NOW. FRANKENSTEIN BURGER Marie W. learned about the secret menu item Land, Sea, and Air Burger was when a customer ordered it: a McDouble with all its condiments, a McChicken patty and all its condiments and a Filet-O-Fish and all its condiments on a single bun.
TELL US NOW. SO...NOTHING FOr YOU? Davis M. tells US, I'll never forget the lady that asked me for an omelet without egg in it.
TELL US NOW. CRAPPY REQUEST Samantha A. was a preschool teacher when a parent asked them to take a photo of the child's poop and text it to the parent. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. REALLY MILKING IT Brad I. was working at an airport restaurant when a woman came up and asked me if we had any breast milk.
TELL US NOW. BBQ WITHOUT THE SAUCE Thomas H. says someone requested spareribs with no BBQ sauce. In other words; a slab of boiled pork.
TELL US NOW. EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE Katherine B. shares, I'm a banker and I had a customer come in saying they needed to know how much it would cost to take their family of four to Louisville Zoo including gas and tickets... did it, for some reason, but it was
TELL US NOW. HUMAN ALARM CLOCK Ryan C. shares, I work in an independent bookstore. I once had a customer demand that I personally provide them with a wake-up call the next morning so they wouldn't be late for their meeting.
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