You Can Do The 'Macarena' To Any Song, New Theory Claims

You Can Do The 'Macarena' To Any Song, New Theory Claims

It's a modern existential question for the ages – upon hearing a song, any song, on the radio, in the store, or while on hold with customer service after being billed twice for a hoodie depicting Sandro Botticelli'sThe Birth of Venus” that you didn't really need in the first place, the inquiry intuitively emerges, stoping your train of thought dead in its tracks – “is there any possible way I can do the Macarena, as popularized by Los Del Rio in their 1993 hit, to this song?”

Well folks, after years of quiet contemplation, pondering the mechanics of modern dance, pop culture's evolution over the past nearly 30 years, and the meaning of the “Macarena” itself (which may or may not be about cheating on your boyfriend with his friends while he's away in the army), it seems we may have finally cornered the answer to one of the universe's most burning inquires – a resounding yes, at least according to @themacerenatheory. A TikTok account dedicated to proving that even in a world filled with teeny-bopper, Charli D'Amelio inspired dances, the iconic '90s groove is a cultural mainstay, seamlessly jiving with any imaginable song, the @themacerenatheory has left no stoned unturned in their quest for proving their idea correct. 

First testing the theory last September with viral TikTok sensation, British rap song “M to the B,” in a viral video that garnered more than 244,000 likes, @themacerenatheory has seemingly proven that literally any song, regardless of genre, age or overall vibe can, and arguably even should, be Macarena-ed …


… testing everything from Simon and Garfunkle's “The Sound of Silence" …


… and even “Moonlight Serenade.”


With this wide variety of songs – and the account's large following – it seems the account has succeeded in their mission, proving that any song can align with the iconic dance. 

Yet every experiment, even when as seemingly foolproof and thorough as the aforementioned, still requires an effective peer review, a task I took upon myself for the sake of science. When independently testing the theory in preparation for this article, putting my music library on shuffle and executing the '90s dance craze to every song that popped up, I found, unsurprisingly, that the Macarena theory holds up, the dance jiving with a whole host of musical stylings from The Black Keys, Justice, Mac Miller, and even Stevie Nicks. The only song to fail the Macarena assessment? “!!!!!!!” the 13-second vocal track/potential Invisalign advertisement kicking off Billie Eilish's 2019 debut studio album, When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? Yet I'm sure with enough analysis, studying the nuances of Eilish and her brother/producer, Finneas's respective vocal cadence and the interaction's natural pauses well beyond the level it ever should, the "song" could perhaps become somewhat Macarena-able.

So folks, remember if you ever find in yourself in a situation --  a bar, a birthday party, a high stakes dance battle – where you have to bust a move but you're not quite shure how, the “Macarena” will (probably) always have your back. 

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