'Walt Disney World' Employee Says He Was Fired For Rating Water From Decorative Fountains

'Walt Disney World' Employee Says He Was Fired For Rating Water From Decorative Fountains

On today's installment of influencers throwing their health and safety to the wind all for a taste of that sweet, sweet internet clout, a Disney Parks TikToker named Jete says he was fired after publishing a video last week depicting him sampling water from everywhere – including decorative, outdoor water features – in Walt Disney World's Disney Springs. 


Over the course of the minute-long video, Jete left no stone unturned in his apparent pursuit of finding the best water Disney's themed entertainment and shopping center has to offer, tasting and reviewing water from various locales around the outdoor complex, ranging from restaurants to decorative fountains not intended for drinking. Naturally, the samples sourced from the latter generally scored abysmally low, Disney Spring's main feature earning a 1/10 rating, one preluding the entrance of The Rainforest Cafe – the highest of the bunch – a 3/10,  and the decorative pool outside of World of Disney earning the highly-coveted “rona”/10 classification. Sanitary!

Despite garnering more than 15 million views 1.3 million likes from those apparently looking for creative ways to increase their daily cholera intake, Disney's corporate structure was apparently not too pleased with Jete's enlightening video, reportedly firing him upon learning of the water fountain video, and another TikTok clip which appears to show Disney's Wedding Pavillion sitting empty and unlocked


According to Jete, who previously identified as a Disney cast member, his manager pulled him aside at the start of his shift after the video went viral. “We go to the office, this guy pulls me into a room, and he says ‘so Jason, I hear you have a big following on social media.’ I immediately knew something was wrong,” he recounted. “He said well, unfortunately, the Walt Disney Company has emailed me and said they do not appreciate what you've been posting, specifically your last two videos, and unfortunately, they said you are no longer allowed backstage, so I'm going to have to let you go.” 

After allegedly facing the wrath of Disney's corporate structure, Jete seems to be taking the setback in stride, cracking jokes about the incident on Instagram …

… and appearing to maintain a positive attitude while fielding an influx of potential opportunities and job offers he says he's received in light of the whole situation. “Getting fired from Disney might be the best thing that has ever happened to me," Jete said in a follow-up TikTok labeled “Life After Disney.”  “In the past 48 hours, I've gained over 100,000 new family members, I've had multiple brands reach out to me offering me sponsorship deals,” he continued, "and I've had seven companies reach out to me offering me a position as their social media manager. 

Potential job offers and fan support aside, Jete says the biggest silver lining of this entire situation has been reaching one of his biggest goals – if only by a strange loophole “Literally the day before I got fired, I wrote out a list of 300 things I was praying for this year. Number 35 on the list? 'Get recognized by Disney.' Getting fired isn't exactly what I meant, but it's exactly what I asked God for," he explained. 


In what appears to be a final jab at the Mouse, Jete used his newfound freedom from the Disney company to create another video in which he taste tests water from several resorts, including a water feature outside Disney's Polynesian Resort and a lagoon near Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. Nothing like the sweet, refreshing taste of Giardia to quench your thirst!


So folks, remember, when one door closes, several other fountains (filled with water that probably should definitely not be ingested) begin to flow. Here's to wishing Jete (and his likely irate gut flora) luck in his future endeavors. Cheers! 

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