Tell Us Now: 17 Nice Things Strangers Have Done

Tell Us Now: 17 Nice Things Strangers Have Done

We are all strangers. We are all people who, at some point in our lives, will be in a new place, with new people, doing something we've never done before. It's scary and it's exhilarating, and it's one of the most amazing things that can happen to us. We are constantly meeting new people and discovering new parts of ourselves, whether we're aware of it or not. So the next time you meet someone new, don't be scared. Embrace the adventure that lies ahead. Who knows what amazing thing you'll discover about yourself and the world around you?

It's always nice when a stranger does something kind. Whether it's holding the door open for you, returning your lost wallet, or just making conversation, these small moments can make your day. Sometimes the world is a terrible and cruel place. But we decided to fight against our pessimistic tendencies and ask Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's the kindest thing a stranger has done for you?” We've never been so excited to read the comments before. Some humans are good, after all! Read 17 touching tales of strangers being nice below…

TELL US NOW. PATRON SAINT OF UNDERAGE DRINKING Kate S. says, At 17, young and dumb, was at an outdoor festival and drinking openly... Cop came up and started asking for ID and explaining that he could take my driver's license away until I turned 21, etc. etc... A woman

TELL US NOW. A SHOULDER TO CRY ON Shelby S. shares, Two years ago O was about 1000 miles away from home at an academic conference when I got the phone call that my grandma (who raised me) passed away. was pretty distraught, so... I sat on a bench

TELL US NOW. A SPARE SPARE Christina S. tells US about a time their car got a flat, had to hike to a phone because that car had a spare but no jack. Thus, it was about an hour later that I returned with my grandfather and my brother

TELL US NOW. NEIGHBORLY HELP Jerry B. says, I twisted my knee and couldn't walk. I asked on the app Next Door if anyone knew anywhere local D could get crutches. A stranger dm'ed me, offered to pick up crutches and deliver them to me as he assumed since O

TELL US NOW. MILK DELIVERY Bec W. says, I had a newborn and 18 month old. It was 37 degrees, we had walked to the shops to pick up a bottle of milk. When we arrived I realised I had left my wallet at home, I stood outside the shops

TELL US NOW. A FATHER'S LIGHT Richard R. says, My father did stained glass as a hobby. One year he made a Tiffany lamp and donated it to the church for their annual silent auction fundraiser. He died later that year. I was 17. Fast forward a few yearS and

TELL US NOW. A MIRACLE AT HOOTERS HOOTERS ERS Stephanie tells US about a birthday left unexpectedly with no plans, I heard YOu could get free dessert at Hooters for your birthday but I ended up being that depressed woman at the bar eating at a freaking Hooters alone. Also

TELL US NOW. THE GROCERY STORE FAIRY Lalue wal Terry S. says, During the Christmas season, a stranger paid my bill at a Food Lion. He said it was because he liked the way my son & were good together doing our shopping. Brought tears to my eyes. The change

TELL US NOW. GIVING LIFE Jennifer J. shares that a stranger gave me a kidney. I have SLE and ended up needing and receiving a donated kidney that has allowed me to live another 19 years (so far) and raise my children.

TELL US NOW. A GOOD GAMER Rebecca B. tells US, A gaming friend I only knew online covered a $6000 dental bill. It was an amazing gesture. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM STRANGERS Gilly P shares US, I missed my connection in Dublin So ended up sitting outside the bus station with my giant bag. A bunch of lads from the pub opposite came and sat with me, buying rounds of drink for several

TELL US NOW. AN EASIER COMMUTE Matthew C. shares, A married couple let me buy a $5,000 car off of them for only $500 when was in a tight bind. Thanks to them, I kept my iob. The best part? That car had belonged to their daughter who died ...

TELL US NOW. UNLIKELY BENJAMIN Walmart Jayme F. shares, We were shopping at Walmart and a total stranger walked up and asked if he could ask US a question. We said sure. He handed US a $100 dollar bill and said have a good day!

TELL US NOW. BEER MONEY Ryan S. tells US, I was at a show and I lost my wallet in the pit. I was talking to one of my friends about how lost my wallet and this dude next to me was like 'Was your drinking money in there?'

TELL US NOW. ANONYMOUS DONOR Vicki A. shares, My parents died, two & a half weeks apart. Mom was first, then Dad. While we at the funeral home for my dad's visitation, someone slipped cold, hard, cash in our back door to the tune of $100 & a $25 gas

TELL US NOW. A RIDE HOME Beth L. was coming home from saying goodbye to my parent who was dying another state. While at the airport, their ride never showed up. Before cell phones, I had no way home. I didn't have the money on me to get home. I

TELL US NOW. A FREE RIDE Laura D. shares, I was flying home to Michigan from California and had a layover in Chicago. The airport shut down for the night because of weather. 0 was 22 and alone and didn't know what to do. A couple I met in baggage
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