Food: it's what's for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. Oh, and throw some snacks in your backpack, too! Gotta make sure you don't get hungry throughout the day. Here's the thing about food, though: it's tough to manage properly, and knowing your way around a kitchen is a lifelong process.

Now, we here at Cracked are not going to pretend that we're Michelin-starred chefs. We're not here to win The Great British Bakeoff and we're not going to Beat Bobby Flay (although we secretly think we could). But! We DO care very much about food—shut up, these Doritos stains are because it's cheat day—and we also care about you, our readers. So today we're going to talk about some easy hacks that maybe make your at-home food experience a little better, maybe punch up a staple dish you're already good at, and honestly? Try to impress your mother. It's doable. Here's how:

Cut Cakes Better ULO When you cut a wedge out of a cake, the remaining cake goes stale quickly. Those spongy insides are great at sucking up moisture and every kind of odor, leaving the remaining cake rock-hard and tasting of unwashed freezer. To keep a cake good until

Source: NPR

Peeling Eggs CRACKED c COM Peeling a hardboiled egg by hand can make you feel like a scullery maid in 19th-century England. Here's how you can do it more Easily. Drop the egg into a container of cold water, then shake it vigorously for a few seconds. The shell falls right

Source: Pillsbury

Picking Watermelons CRACKED C To pick the perfect watermelon, look at the spot on the end. It's called the field spot, and it's less green than the rest of the melon. If it's yellow-green, that's good. If it's creamy yellow and big, that's even better. Also consider the shape. Elongated watermelons

Source: CBS News

Deep Frying CRACKED COM While deep-frying, don't just drop your food into the oil. This sends it straight to the bottom, where the batter might cause it to stick. Instead. hold each piece beneath the surface for a few seconds, just long enough for a crust to form. This keeps

Source: Food Network

French Frying The French fry is a marvel of engineering compared to, say, a baked potato. You can't just fry it; you need the inside totally cooked without the outside getting too brown. Your attempts will generally leave the fry crunchy but still raw, or soft all the way

Source: NPR

Shred Easily GRACKEDcO Shredding chicken isn't something you' ever give much thought to, until the day you have to do it. Then you'll realize that reducing whole breasts into individual fibers of muscle is really hard to do with a knife or fork, and you'll feel guilty for taking every

Source: Food Network

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