Food: it's what's for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. Oh, and throw some snacks in your backpack, too! Gotta make sure you don't get hungry throughout the day. Here's the thing about food, though: it's tough to manage properly, and knowing your way around a kitchen is a lifelong process.

Now, we here at Cracked are not going to pretend that we're Michelin-starred chefs. We're not here to win The Great British Bakeoff and we're not going to Beat Bobby Flay (although we secretly think we could). But! We DO care very much about food—shut up, these Doritos stains are because it's cheat day—and we also care about you, our readers. So today we're going to talk about some easy hacks that maybe make your at-home food experience a little better, maybe punch up a staple dish you're already good at, and honestly? Try to impress your mother. It's doable. Here's how:

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