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The 5 Most Spectacularly Unsexy Workout Videos Ever

When a woman is post menopausal, her body starts to deteriorate. Some say this is the natural aging process; others argue that it's because she no longer gets the workout of strapping herself into a 60 pound menstrual belt seven times a day.


The 7 Most Stupidly Overpowered Hunting Weapons

Hunting: It is an age-old dance. It is a sacred covenant between the predator and the prey ... and the guy bristling with a half-dozen giant cannons and sporting only the most advanced cloaking technology.


6 Beloved Organizations (Started For Terrifying Reasons)

It's remarkable how some of these groups have changed with the times to become pillars of the community, despite some ugliness in their origin stories.


If Google Search Results Had a Sense of Humor

We've seen our share of screen caps of vaguely offensive Google search suggestions. But what if Google decided they just straight up didn't give a fuck, and altered their algorithm accordingly?


Speaking in Tongues: The Dark Truth Behind an On-Air Meltdown

Last week, the interent cheered as a reporter's brain went completely haywire live on television. I look into this strange phenomenon using good old fashioned investigative journalism.


6 Children I Help Tutor Who Will Never (Ever) Be President

I'm sorry Matilda, no one wants to elect a math nerd to the best job in the world, you can't be President.


Treating Waiters Like Human Beings: A Chart for Beginners

Anyone who's spent time as a waiter or waitress knows that you quickly come to view anyone with an open menu in front of their face as the enemy. For the rest of you lucky folks, some advice:


How to Dream Of What Might Have Been [COMIC]

You've got to be realistic. When it's someone else's fantasy ...



14 Tourism Ads For Destinations Nobody Wants to Visit

Tourism advertising can't be an easy task if, say, your town is only known for having a masked killer murder several dozen teenagers every summer.



5 Myths About the Military You Believe (Thanks to Movies)

All of your information about the military from movies. But even accounting for what you already assumed was Hollywood bullshit (obviously war is not a non-stop action explosion festival), most people still have a grossly skewed idea about what life in the military is like.


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