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Why Our Beef With North Korea Is Mostly Theatrics

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A 10th Grader Explains The Civil War To Donald Trump

I feel like Lincoln was bad at his job. Couldn't he have just, like, given the South a Pepsi?


A Zero B.S. Guide To American Healthcare

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At no cost whatsoever, here are some completely true facts you can use to spice up your small talk.


Why The Fyre Festival Attendees Should've Seen It Coming

What music fan with $12,000 to spare wouldn't jump at the chance to drop that on a chance to see Ja Rule? Ja Rule!


5 Deeply Embarrassing Things The News Keeps Doing

Our ability to share massive amounts of information also means we can share massive amounts of garbage.


How Do You Make A Public Apology? Not Like This

Hey, Jesse Watters. Blowjob mic guy. Can I call you Blowjob Mike? Cool.


The 15 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (5/2/17)

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Simply Staggering Facts About The Opioid Epidemic

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America is running out of poison.