It’s true that the news is kind of a barrage of awfulness and that 2022 hasn’t exactly been living up to expectations so far. Also 2021. Also 2020. Also 2019. Also 2018…you know what? We're just gonna stop thinking about the bad news for a minute. Before we, like, wander into traffic. The four lane highway kind of traffic. Did you see the thing the one politician proposed about the one piece of legislation? Oh my God, can you even believe it?. Wait, we said we were gonna stop talking about bad news. 

See, among that awfulness, some truly weird things have been happening -- and while they can’t outweigh the rest, they’re at least welcome comic relief. The world is weird, wild, crazy place, and sometimes some genuinely fun and outlandish things happen. For instance, did you know the Prime Minister of UK's father wants to become a citizen of historical enemy France? Here's that story plus, 11 more:

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