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Creating an iconic piece of pop culture that endures for generations seems like a dream for an actor, an artist, a writer, or whatever. But sometimes those dreams turn out to be nightmares that haunt creative types for the remainder of their careers.

For example:

Robert Pattinson detests Twilight, and his character, as much as anyone. The more he read the script, the more he hated Edward Cullen, SO he just deci

Sean Connery despised playing James Bond. His exact words were, I have always hated that damned James Bond. I'd like to kill him. He was SO fed up t

To Joe Barbera (one half of Hanna-Barbera), Scooby-Doo was dumb and repetitive. It was just a bunch of teenagers hanging out with a big dumb dog, an

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant hates the obsession with Stairway to Heaven. Samoler-PR-175 STE RPM NOTFORSALE ED ZEPPEL 'STAIRWAY HEAVEN (Jimmy P

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Virgil hated the epic poem he spent 11 years writing. llytar THE AENEID Virgil's Aeneid is the majesty BY an ode to of Rome, and it's considered one o

To Kill A Mockingbird made Harper Lee So sick that she tossed the manuscript. hingh Le KillA Winner of the PULITZER PRIZE HARPER LE To Kill a Mockingb

Stanley Kubrick had A CRACKED.cor Clockwork Orange pulled from the British market. STANLEY KUBRICK'S OCORK When the movie was released, the UK was dea

Arthur Conan Doyle felt writing Sherlock Holmes was dull hack work. He saw historical fiction as his real work, and Sherlock Holmes as stuff that pa


Edgar Rice Burroughs viewed his stories the way McDonalds views Big Macs. He read pulp fiction and figured he could churn out something just as bad, S

The first on-screen Superman called the role beneath his dignity and Supes' tights and cape a monkey suit. George ReeveS hated playing Superman in

Marlon Brando's CRACKED.COM most famous role embodied everything he was against. Marlon Brando loathed his character in A Streetcar Named Desire, Stan

Emily Dickinson wanted her poetry to disappear with her. hat zch Dickinson left strict instructions to her sister Lavinia to burn every last poem she

A.A. Milne complained that Winnie the Pooh ruined his legacy. Milne, who wrote 25 plays, seven novels, and a few nonfiction works, aspired to be known

Vladimir Nabokov thought Lolita should be burned. NABOK Nabokov spent five years writing Lolita, and when it was nearly done, he put it in a box and s

Porky Pig's directors thought he was awful. Freleng Tashlin The first director of Porky Pig cartoons, legendary animator Friz Freleng, said Porky was

Brokeback Mountain author Annie Proulx wishes she never wrote it. Proulx's problem is, specifically, the reams of fanfiction she's receiving all the t

CRACKEDCON Sir Alec Guinness thought playing Obi-Wan Kenobi was a career low. A serious British actor, Guinness called Star Wars banal and full of'm
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