13 Trivia Tidbits About Movies And More

13 Trivia Tidbits About Movies And More

You can't get enough facts, can't you, you little fact goblin? You thirst for factoids, you hunger for trivia, you yearn for some little mental morsel to keep your brain bloated and filled to the brim with information. 

Without facts, your brain would starve. Starve without new worldly input being consumed by your brain. Parched because you couldn't drink from the fountain of knowledge. Suffering from withdrawal because you couldn't inject yet another piece of interesting but ultimately useless information into your cerebellum. 

Okay, okay, calm down, my desperate fact addict. We got your fix. And don't worry, this is for free!

To help with the brain shivers, we'll tell you about a rare disease that make all of your body's soft parts turn to bone. We'll even throw in info about the actress that has 1,296 on-screen kills. And, just because we like ya, we'll throw in a fact about Chucky, too.

Hell, learn about those and 10 other facts to devour below:

An old car factory in Turin, Italy, has a racetrack on the roof. The Fiat factory (which closed in 1982) had an assembly line that led onto a racetrac

Source: Slate

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