13 Nuggets Of Movie And General Knowledge

13 Nuggets Of Movie And General Knowledge

Anna Wintour is among the most well-known names in the industry as the Director of American Vogue. However, she was sacked after nine months as a Junior Fashion Designer at Harper's Bazaar when her photographs were deemed too edgy. Later, she stated: "I think you should all be fired. It's a fantastic learning opportunity." She continues to dominate the fashion value chain, receiving the OBE in 2008 for her achievements in British media and British fashion inside the United States.

Rejection is a common theme in biographies of creative people, but you might not realize how important it was in Stan Lee's development of Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland are all actors who attribute their success to their perseverance. 

The thing is, these tales don’t end with surprising failures that turned into successes–we cover modern solutions ot ancient murder mysteries as well as beauty secrets from the height of the Roman imperium.  What else do you want, really?

Here's the complete tale, along with 12 others:

We only have Spider-Man because Stan Lee wouldn't take no for an answer. His publisher didn't like the character (he thought people hated spiders, and

Source: TIME

Martin Scorsese hates it when actors emphasize something by moving their eyebrows. He does not allow eyebrow movement

Source: BBC

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