Hey, At Least We Won't See Political Ads on Google For The Next Week

Hey, At Least We Won't See Political Ads on Google For The Next Week

Sick and tired of hearing about (or, well, writing about) literally nothing other than the yahoos involved in the Capitol siege for nearly eight days straight? Tired of talking about newly re-impeached President Trump's political tomfoolery? Do you want to go just one, peaceful hour without seeing the sensitive tummy-ed buffalo guy's screaming face or Via Getty's smug grin as he makes off with a congressional lectern? Well, reader, it seems there may be hope after all. In light of this week's thoroughly exhausting series of events, Google will ban political ads until after President-Elect Joe Biden's inauguration next week, the New York Times reported. 

On Wednesday, the tech giant sent a letter to its advertisers about its new moratorium on ads including topics like the 2020 Presidential election and its outcome, either candidate or the attack on our nation's Capitol last week -- all without exceptions -- From Thursday, January 14 until at least January 21st, a.k.a the day after Donnie officially gets the boot from the Oval Office. According to the publication, the company is treating the incident, which many are calling an act of domestic terrorism, as a "sensitive event," like a mass shooting or natural disaster, as it tries to weed out advertisements taking advantage of the horrifying riot. The ban will also apply to Google's other digital properties, including YouTube, meaning you can watch Clarie Saffitz make yet another recipe from her debut cookbook without having to see 45's orange mug. 

This move comes as Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company, said that while the company had changed their approach to misinformation and political content on their sites amid the election, there are still other actions they can take on the matter. "The internet, as a whole, needs to come to terms with what kind of information can spread," the exec explained at the Reuters Next conference on Wednesday. "Definitely, there’s more to do on our side."

So folks, take this little victory as it comes. while it's important to talk about these important topics, we all need some "us" time, to kick back, relax, and maybe enjoy some comically bad real estate porn

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