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A Brief History Of Why America's Healthcare System Sucks

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Harmless Hobbies That Are Being Rocked By Controversy

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Netflix Is Finally Letting Us Disable Autoplaying Trailers, But Why?

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Our Long National Nightmare Is Over As Dunkaroos Are Back

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Popeyes Is Selling Clothing Now (And It's Kinda Rad?)

High-end fashion coming from high-end chickenistas


The World's Worst Cat Has Been Adopted, Proving We All Deserve Love

No matter what a nightmare you are, someone will love you.


The Government Is Coming For Your Alternative Milks

Virginia is for lovers (and militant views on what is and isn't 'milk')


Elon Musk's New EDM Single Is, Thankfully, Terrible

Much to everyone's relief, it turns out Elon Musk is not a musical comedy genius.


Little-Known, Infuriating Truths About Applying To College

The application process is only getting worse.


Horror Movie-Type Stuff (That Really Happened)

Stand down, Hollywood. We can skip these harrowing stories.