Alex Jones Can't Stop Sabotaging His Own Court Case

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Alex Jones Can't Stop Sabotaging His Own Court Case

Man-shaped nematode Alex Jones is known for takes that are considered by some to be fearless truth-telling, and considered by those with brain activity to be a mixture of nonsense, fearmongering, and clouded bigotry. Over his years on Infowars, these have ranged from the hilariously strange accusations that chemicals in water are making frogs gay, to the truly, deeply dark, one of the most notable being his claim that the child massacre at Sandy Hook was a hoax or a false flag. This last ghoulish allegation is the source of an ongoing court case for defamation brought against him by the families affected. Jones has, since then, navigated this court case with the agility of a beached whale.

Now, Jones has built a career on sheer bullheadedness and a determination to absolutely never, ever, shut the &#$* up, so you can see why he’d stick to this strategy even in sensitive times. However, there’s a reason that the first thing an attorney usually says upon entering the room in any tv show or movie is “stop talking.” Jones has done the exact opposite, handling a serious court case by basically lying and then loudly talking about how stupid it is 3 feet away. The latest news is that he finally showed up for a deposition, after racking up $75,000 dollars in fines for no-showing previous appointments. During this time, he claimed to be too sick to participate, which is a pretty lame excuse, made infinitely lamer when he broadcast himself hosting his show on the Internet those same days, which, you know, everyone can see.

finger in mousetrap


I'm under attack!

We don’t know any direct details of the deposition, since, at Jones and his attorney’s request, the record was not made public. A probably shrewd move that would make a lot more sense if he didn’t almost immediately trundle into his studio and rant on air about how the families were trying to extort him and were waging a war against free speech. It’s one thing to shoot yourself in the foot. Alex Jones is pointing a fully automatic weapon at his toes and emptying the clip. The attorney for the Sandy Hook families is probably filling a bookmarks folder labeled “$$$” with every one of these broadcasts.

Live by the sword, die by the sword, I guess. The metaphorical sword here being a medical inability to close your lips and keep them there for over 20 minutes.

Top Image: Sean P. Anderson/Pixabay

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